Am I The Only One Not On Board With Podcasts?

Ok, It’s probably about to get controversial, but I don’t think I’m a podcast kind of girl. When it comes to music, listening to curated playlists or live radio I’m all for it, and the chat too. When it comes to podcasts I just cant seem to get into them.

Podcast Popularity

It seems that within the past year, podcasts have exploded. Every celebrity or creative mind has taken to producing podcasts throughout lockdown. In some instances, it could be seen it as a marketing tool, or just simply a creative outlet that’s looking to entertain during this tricky ol’ pandemic we’re facing – I’m certainly all for that. However, I have to admit I still need a lot of convincing to get aboard the Podcast train.

Maybe the issue lies on where to start. With so much choice and variety out there, navigating the podcasts tab on the iTunes store really is a mind field. How do you find what you think you’re looking for?

Is this why I can’t listen to podcasts?

I very rarely switch off to complete silence, so its rare for me to want to settle down for a few hours with just background noise or discussion. I’ve never been into audiobooks either, so maybe its just not for me?

I use music as a tool to entertain or help me get through the working day and I tend to find a lot of chatter distracting. I dip in and out from time to time and the soundtrack to my day becomes background noise. I don’t want to miss half a conversation, so is this why I can’t listen to podcasts? Right now I’m into a lot of mixes on BBC Sounds, I’ll listen to albums then curated playlists on Spotify, but podcasts don’t feature at all. I think I just need the music element a playlist or the radio provides, maybe it’s not having to think about a subject matter that I enjoy? Music inspires me to write or zone out in a certain kind of way, and I enjoy that.

Should I take it back?

Considering all of the above I did give Jonathan Van Ness’ podcast a little listen, and as much as I adore JVN, it somehow wasn’t for me. I also gave the House21 podcast a play, as one of my blog posts was being discussed. I’m not sure if I was intrigued because I knew thoughts would be given on a recent piece of mine, but I was genuinely interested in the content of the episode. I listened to the episode in full and did find it interesting to hear opinions on recent writings from other bloggers. I forgot to go back and check out more episodes, so I’ll make sure I do that over the next few weeks.

Share Your Picks with Me

Maybe I need to find a subject matter that I’m passionate about, want to learn more about or a person I’m very interested in hearing from. Right now, I cant see podcasts becoming ‘my thing’ but I’d be open to seeking out new channels.

Which podcast did you start off with? Let me know your recommendations and I’ll certainly give them a go!

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