Does Writing For Work Take The Fun Out Of Blogging?

Today, I wrote a weekly blog post for work, a typical weekly task for me, but after gaining positive feedback from my boss, I realised that I really enjoyed writing the piece. It got me thinking about writing and how it can become really enjoyable when you love the subject, but incredibly boring when you hate it. So, does writing for work take the fun out of blogging?

Yes and No

It’s you’re not remotely interested or passionate about your subject matter, it certainly feels like a chore. This is why blogging is such a great thing for anyone who likes to write. You can choose your subject matter any day, whether its to promote, advise, give an opinion or anything you like.

I’m lucky in my job that I get to decide what I write about. Of course, there may be times when I need to promote a certain subject or project, but having freedom in writing makes it much more enjoyable. The company I work for is rooted in film and TV, so this is a subject I’m very passionate about and love being able to explore.

I used to work for a company a few years back where I’d occasionally write the odd blog and short piece of content, but it was honestly, very boring most of the time. When writing becomes a chore and it’s hard to push through, you can really suffer with writer’s block. It becomes especially hard if you don’t have knowledge about the subject matter because Google isn’t always your friend. I’d always recommend seeking inspiration from others, chat to friends, colleagues and see what you can come up with together. There’s no shame in asking for help or seeking inspiration, sometimes it can bring about the best work.

A Writing Pattern

I have a pattern when it comes to writing for work and pleasure, but one thing that remains constant is the format I use: Subheadings, paragraphs, subheadings paragraphs. It might sound very basic and it’s something a lot of us do, but without these components I always feel that text appears as one huge essay. It really has to draw you in immediately to hold your attention, and its not always done.

Headings stand out and draw your reader in. Even if they decide to skim your piece or just read sections here and there, headings physically break up your text and make your piece look more appealing too.

Managing Your Content Ideas

When it comes to work, I plan my content weeks, sometimes months in advance depending on what’s coming up at that time. I use an online calendar called Keep & Share where I add content, blog and social media ideas as well as film and TV release dates, celebratory days and annual celebrations. The website is free to use and the best online calendar I’ve found, I’d highly recommend using it as you can colour code everything. I use blue for social ideas, pink for blogs, orange for film/TV release dates and purple for task and project reminders.

When it comes to writing for my own blog, this is far more chaotic and up in the air. I’m someone who writes when the time strikes, so when an idea pops into my head I either write a full blog in 20 minutes or start a draft and go back to it now and then (sometimes weeks or months later).

So What’s The Answer?

If you can strike the right balance writing for work then it won’t become a chore at all. It’s really important to enjoy what you do and as a creative person its vital to produce something you’re proud of.

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