My March Favourites

Occasionally (when I remember) I write about my favourite things of the month. March has been bitter sweet for me, … More

5 Tips For Starting a Blog

With most of us spending more time at home that usual during the Coronavirus pandemic, you’ll certainly be looking at old hobbies to re-ignite and new creative ventures to keep you busy, especially if you are not currently working.In my recent blog post: Get Creative in Self-Isolation, one of my suggestions was to create your own blog.

Checking in: April edition

The past few months I’ve been catching up with friends, making travel plans, becoming obsessed with Marie Kondo’s method, attending … More

Being an amateur artist

After I decided I wanted to start creating my own festive decorations with a view to potentially selling them I … More

December favourites

This month, I wanted to create a more visual favourites post. I started watching a live Instagram video the other … More

Monthly Faves Catch Up

Like YouTuber’s produce ‘monthly favourites’ videos, I was writing about my monthly favourites too a while back. Seeing as I’ve missed … More

The Buckingham Palace tour

On Tuesday I had a fabulous day exploring London with my friend Danielle (her blog is WelshItalianDiaries on WordPress, check … More

Well Hello!

I’ve taken a long break from writing on my blog in the past few months… I’ve been up to a … More