My new way to wrap presents

Ever since I discovered RedBubble  around a year ago, I’ve been a big fan of their concept and products. For those of you who don’t know, RedBubble it’s like a more hipster, digital version of Etsy?

I was looking for an excuse to purchase something cool from them, but the choice was endless and I couldn’t justify something too silly. I started by purchasing postcards and cards (sometimes I like to send notes of happiness to those I know need a pick me up). And then I decided to treat myself to a Chris Evans mug (that’s Captain America, not the Radio 2 dj)…

I really love other people’s birthdays and I always try to do something special for those I hold dear to me. I always try to be really thoughtful with my present choices, and hopefully I get it spot on.. (fingers crossed anyway!). Back in July, my friend Steph was turning 23, and I just knew there were so many of our inside jokes and references to nod to with RedBubble’s products. I’m very into the shabby chic look, and I like the idea of plain brown wrapping paper with fancy bows  or ribbon, as an understated look. The thought came to me to invest in some brown paper, keep it simple and add some RedBubble stickers to keep it cool. Not quite shabby chic I know, but I liked the simplistic vibe.

Steph’s pressies

I’ve started doing this for birthdays now, and it’s turning into abbot of a tradition. Order some pretty cool or hilarious RedBubble stickers, with fun, personal and fun references to the person or our friendship, just to add an extra smile to their face. It’s fun.

Now, the Birthday event of the month belongs to my friend G. And boy oh boy he’s in for a surprise…

I’m going to finish the presents off with a little ribbon to ‘fancy’ them up a bit … and then the gifts will be given!

Take a look at RedBubble and search for anything at all, I’m sure you’ll find something to give you the giggles.

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