Feb Faves

This month has resulted in one of those that’s needed some comfort, and my favourite’s aren’t exactly new finds, but they’re things I’ve been newly introduced to or things I’ve reaffirmed my love for. With that being said, here’s a rundown of my favourite things throughout February:

James Arthur’s Album

I’ve seriously been loving this new album this month. I bought it the last week of January and I haven’t removed it from the car yet. His tracks are pretty emotional but every song is so catchy. I can’t decide on any favourites yet, but I’m sure I will in the next few weeks as I’m going to see him in concert in March with one of my besties, Chlo.

My Tattoo

I’ve had a great experience with this tattoo. I still haven’t experienced much of the itching or scabbing that’s supposed to happen, but it’s on it’s way to ‘sinking in now’ I love it. #noregrets.

PG Tips Pure Green Tea

I was trying to introduce green tea as a substitute for regular tea, because i just felt it was a healthier option. I took a gamble on buying this brand, and I’ve been drinking it non stop, every day.

Grey’s Anatomy

I’ve not been watching much TV in the past few months, but Grey’s came back to Sky this month and i was so grateful for it. You can always count on it’s creator Shonda to draw you in and give you all the emotional ‘feels’. I started catching up on Grey’s a few years ago when it was introduced to NETFLIX, and I’ve been obsessed since. It breaks and makes my heart every episode.


Silly but true. I’ve reaffirmed my love for laying in bed and watching movies most nights. I wanted to challenge myself to watch every DVD I’ve bought as I really do have a pretty large collection, so that’s the plan! Let’s see how long it takes…

New hair colours

I had been living with my brown to balayage hair for a few months, and although I loved it at first I wasn’t really ‘feeling it anymore. I wasted a change without actually cutting my hair, so I took a gamble and decided on a red toned brown all over. I wasn’t sure if I wanted the colour to be bolder, but I’m glad it’s not. I like my new red tone, but it’s also made me realise I wouldn’t want to be any more red than this. My next plan to to go light brown with multi-tonal highlights… stay tuned.


Leaving this post on a more serious note: the true value of my vital and solid friendships have been so indispensable to me recently. It’s true what all those cheesy Pinterest ‘motivational quotes’ say….so i’ll leave you with this:

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