Celebrating a Birthday in Lockdown

Although many of us may not be celebrating in the style we’d want to this year, birthdays are still happening and still bringing joy! I celebrated my birthday in the middle of lockdown this year on 12th April – it was without a doubt the most relaxing birthday… ever!

What you can do for you

There is no better time to practice self care than on your Birthday, which is why I’d suggest your favourite things must make an appearance on your special day. Ensure you fill your day with things that bring you joy, and on top of that adopt the following…

Dress to impress

Whether you’re working from home, home alone or have a Zoom party planned, dressing up your birthday is one way to make yourself feel special and like you’ve made an extra effort on your special day. A cheeky little online shop will do the trick if you’re seeking something new – there’s lots of sales on right now.

Treat yo’self

If you’re currently working from home and your birthday happens to fall on a week day, take a day off if you can. Take some time for yourself to do something creative, and if you want to sit in front of the TV binge-watching Killing Eve and eating birthday cake – do it!

Make and Bake

COVID-19 has turned many of us into frequent bakers, creators and makers of new things. How about baking a birthday cake, making some party decorations, or if you’re not the creative type just shove your favourite frozen foods in the oven to ensure you have a fabulous feast on your special day.

What you can do for others

Those who have a birthday coming up and may live alone might not be looking forward to the big day, so ensure you help make it a special occasion from a distance.

Parcels of joy

Nothing says HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! like a delivery that you didn’t purchase yourself. This year I received some wonderful gifts in the post from my besties,we all gathered together on Zoom to drink cocktails as I opened gifts- it was great!

Remember: Be aware if you’re sending a heavy box that you’ll have to pay for postage so I wouldn’t send anything too heavy or breakable. Don’t forget to decorate the box! Include banners, balloons, confetti, a small cake – go wild!

Baked Goods are GREAT!

There are many companies who have always shipped baked goods, however, delicious deliveries are becoming a popular staple during lockdown. Now more than ever small businesses will be counting on our orders, so support your local bakeries and send something sweet to a loved one on their birthday!

If you’re looking to surprise your friends or family with something special, I’d recommend checking out Ridiculously Rich by Alana.

Party in the House

Zoom, HouseParty and FaceTime have become huge hits throughout lockdown, and for some the only way to interact with others on a daily basis. Although we all love (or loathe) a Zoom quiz night, why not switch it up a little with a virtual dinner date, cocktails, treasure hunt or karaoke party (if you’re brave enough). Reconnecting over video isn’t the same as face to face contact, but it gives us all something to look forward to, whilst staying safe and staying home.

Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating in lockdown- it will definitely be one to remember!

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