Guess who is a published writer?

I write content every day, for websites, apps, blogs, social media, you name it. In years gone by I have also written for clients in magazines and blogs and websites too, but on this occasion I was never credited. Since I started this blog 6 years ago it has always a little hobby for me, but now this hobby has turned into something even more wonderful and my blogs have been published in actual …PRINT. Yes, I’m now a published writer.

What have I written?

I enjoy writing blogs when the moment strikes. I’ve never chosen a niche for my content because it’s personal to me and I write about anything I like. I feel this doesn’t pigeon hole me into sticking with one topic I could lose interest in down the line. For people who enjoy writing as a hobby, your personal blog should become a space where you can write about anything.

I’ve been sharing my blog posts on the House 21 platform for around a year. House 21 is an organisation of female bloggers – essentially, put together by bloggers for bloggers. They hold brunches and meet ups around the country so that like-minded women can connect and meet new people. For the past year, of course this hasn’t been possible, so they held online masterclasses that I took part in instead.

My published work

Every season, House 21 select a number of blogs that have been uploaded to their site and choose from categories such as life, style, cooking and more. Their selections are announced on Instagram and the lucky writers will have their pieces published in the latest magazine. I’ve been lucky enough to appear in three out of four of their magazines which are currently on the table next to me, Summer 2020 and Spring 2021.

My published works include:

Easy 20 minute Pizza and Peaky Blinders: Are we ready for a final series?

I’m currently waiting to receive my copy of the Summer 2021 magazine which was shipped out yesterday and contains my piece: Being made redundant left me with imposter syndrome. I cant wait for it to arrive!

Try House21

Having something published is an incredible honour. It makes you feel like your talents are appreciated by someone else and knowing that people will actually be reading my work is a strange but great feeling. What’s even better is that I didn’t specifically submit the pieces that have been published, so to be announced as one of the chosen few is always a huge surprise.

This post is not sponsored or a #AD, but I’d recommend you check out House21. There’s no commitment, membership, subscription or one off fee involved, it’s simply a (free) platform for women writers to share their work. I’m hoping to connect in person with some of the other bloggers at a House21 event soon and until then I’m going to keep writing my own blogs and reading other people’s!

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