Blogging in 5 steps: Who, what, when, where and why

Blogging can be a very personal thing, some people choose to write anonymous blogs and others choose to introduce themselves to the world. Many start their own blog to use writing as a creative outlet or embark on a new hobby, and that’s exactly what I did too. I started a blog initially as something extra to add to my CV, thinking I would write occasionally to boost my skills and experience. Little did I know I would really enjoy writing about a variety of topics and keep the blog going 5 years later.


Who can start a blog? Blogging is for everyone, anyone can start their own blog, online for free. You’d don’t need to have achieved a degree related to writing, use lots of fancy words or be the most articulate. If you can come up with one idea, more will follow – literally anyone can start a blog.


What should you blog about? Many bloggers choose one subject area to focus on, such as cooking, beauty, history or travel. Choosing one niche subject to focus on works well if you’re really passionate about a subject or want to explore it more. For me, I don’t have one specific interest or hobby, so I keep my blog very open to exploring any topic each time I write. This gives me the freedom to write about anything at any time.


When should you blog? There is no right or wrong time to start writing a new blog post. Depending on your subject matter, how inspired you feel or how prepared with material you are, a blog can take anywhere from 20 minutes to hours to write. Usually, I write my blog posts later in the evening, after I’m done with the working day, have had my dinner and feel ‘in the zone’. Sometimes the moment strikes and sometimes I simply don’t feel very inspired. It really depends on you.


Where should you blog? Writing of any sort should be done in peace. You need time to focus on your fingers sprawling across the keys and avoid distraction. I find that I write best either sat up straight at a desk with a cup of tea next to me or sat on my bed, chilled and relaxed.


Why should you start blogging? You can use your blog as a new hobby, to boost your CV and write about things you love and life itself. I’ve loved having my own blog because it has helped me get creative in a new way and given me experience in writing. In turn this has helped in a professional sense too. Blogging has also been a gateway to joining an online community for female bloggers during lockdown, which has then seen me become a published and award-nominated blogger.

Top Tips for your blog:

If you’re considering starting a blog anytime soon, here’s a few extra tips before you start.

  • How to start a blog: I use, its free (some plans) easy to use and accessible on your laptop and on a free app for your phone.
  • Write about whatever you want: You don’t have to write for other people, write for you. Write about anything.
  • Choose your setting: I either write in total silence, with a TV show on in the background or listening to chilled music.
  • Banners: Use free websites like to create a banner for each of your blog posts.

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  1. Thanks so much Amy! This helped me a lot. I just started my blog, so sometimes it’s hard to think of a topic. Thinking of the reason why I blog brings so many subjects into my mind.


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