My Favourite Films In 2020

At the end of last year I wanted to set myself a challenge of watching as many films as I could throughout 2020. I began keeping track on, adding to my list of movie posters each time I completed a new film. It’s been a great little challenge because it made me want to watch new films and a larger variety of genres too. To date, I’ve seen 226 and counting, so here are some of my favourite films that’s I’ve discovered along the way:

5 films that came out this year

  • Tenet – This was the first film I’d seen in the cinema in so long and it didn’t disappoint. I’ve seen it twice and still can’t grasp everything yet, but it’s an incredibly clever film. I’d highly recommend.
  • The Prom – There’s lots of cheese in The Prom and at times it feels like an EXTRA version of High School Musical, but it’s got so much more. A great cast, catchy songs, phenomenal singing, and a serious undertone with a great message of acceptance. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack all week!
  • Eurovision Song Contest: The story of Fire Saga – this is by no means a film with a lot of depth, but it’s a light-hearted comedy for sure. If you’re a fan of Eurovision, give this a go.
  • Hamilton – Technically it’s not a feature film as the show was recorded live from Broadway in 2016, but it’s probably my most-watched film this year. I must have seen it over 10 times and listened to the soundtrack even more than that. If you love musicals, then what are you waiting for? I can’t wait to get tickets for the West End show in the near future.
  • This is Paris – Now hear me out before you judge on this one. I wouldn’t call myself a fan of her, I used to watch The Simple life sometimes as a teen but that’s it. This documentary however opens your eyes to the real Paris, away from the fake persona she admits to portraying on a daily basis. It also uncovers some really shocking details from her early life that makes you really feel for her and certainly makes you view her in a different light.

5 films I watched for the first time

  • How to be Single – I’ve been meaning to watch this film for a while, but just never got round to it. Now I’ve seen it, I can’t recommend enough. It’s quite an accurate, film that single gals will want to watch, and not your typical girl meets boy rom-com – that’s what I really like about it.
  • Brittany Runs a Marathon – This indie movie sounds pretty basic, but it’s got a great message. It is based on a true story of how a girl with little body confidence and self esteem vows to get fit and run the New York City Marathon. I would seriously recommend it for all 20 something gals out there.
  • Bombshell – I finally got round to seeing this and you can certainly see why the make-up department won an Oscar for Charlie’s Theron’s transformation. It’s based on an unbelievable modern true story and I’d highly recommend it if you’re looking for a great drama to watch.
  • Jurassic World – I love action films, but sometimes there’s a fine line between the good and not so good. Chris Pratt is brilliant in this film, the CGI is on point and it’s not just a remake of the original films. I’d recommend this for all the family! (The second film is also really great!)
  • Aladdin (2019) – I’m a huge Disney fan but never got round to seeing Aladdin in the cinema last year. Then, I watched it twice in one week because I loved it so much. The story is the same as animated classic but the live-action version brings the story to life so well. It’s colourful, full of familiar and new songs and Will Smith’s Genie is superb.

Honourable mentions I would highly recommend: A Quiet Place, Late Night, I,Tonya, Chef, Little Women (2020), Hustlers, The Red Sea Diving Resort.

5 memorable films I re-watched

  • Inception – I always spot something new when I watch it. It’s such a fascinating film with an incredible cast and I forget how much I love this film. Did you know Kate Winslet was originally offered the role of Mal, but turned it down.
  • Prime – A rom-com that’s not a hugely impactful film, but just has a nice story. Both lead characters are 37 and 23… prime numbers… is this why it’s called Prime?
  • I feel pretty – I absolute love Amy Schumer. I was lucky enough to see her on tour in Edinburgh a few year ago. Her films always provide an entertaining watch with a positive message and I feel pretty is no exception. This is a great film to watch with gal pals when lockdown is over.
  • Allied – I really love this film. It’s a really great, unique drama and the casting is spot on with Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard. Did you know the screenplay was written by Peaky Blinders writer Steven Knight?
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – I’ve not seen this enough, it’s an incredible film. Must. Watch. More.

Honourable mentions – some of my favourite films I always go back to: When Harry Met Sally, Captain Marvel, In Time, Mr and Mrs Smith, Mrs Doubtfire, Avengers:Infinity War, We Bought A Zoo and the Harry Potter series.

5 Christmas films I’m loving right now

  • Home Alone – One of my favourite Christmassy films and such a classic, it never gets old. Did you know? Macaulay Culkin was nominated for a Golden Globe for this film.
  • The Holiday – A great rom-com for any time of the year really, this film is 14 years old but certainly doesn’t feel it. I watch it every single year without fail.
  • Noelle – One of my new favourite festive films. It’s got just the right amount of cheese that you’d like to see in a Christmas film. It’s highly original and a nice change from your usual Christmas films – Loved it.
  • Holidate – Your typical rom-com with a bit of Christmas sprinkled around. Not the best film you’ll see this year, but it’s a good watch.
  • The Christmas Chronicles – This is one of the most feel-good, imaginative new festive films I’ve seen in a while. A must watch for all the family at Christmas time.

What are your favourite films this year?


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