Supporting Small Businesses in the Run-Up to Christmas

Shopping local is one of the most important things you can do this year. While most of us have been shopping local and staying home for some time, for some, this year may have been the first time consumers had shopped in their local village. Supporting your community will make a huge difference to some businesses in 2020 – here’s how you can help.

Stay Local, at Home

From buying fresh bread from your local bakery to picking your Christmas dinner’s veg at the local greengrocers, we can all do our bit to support small business this Christmas. Look close to home for your supplies, from small gifts to the all important Christmas spread. You’ll be surprised how much money you can save too!

Etsy, Facebook and Instagram sellers

Supporting a small business is sometimes supporting someone’s hobby, but at times it can be so much more. Amid the pandemic, many people have lost permanent income and taken to exploring their hobbies to make a profit. This year there is major buzz online about how important it is to shop local, not only due to social distancing and the pandemic, but to support home-grown talent too! This year, it seems more small business than ever are either launching, promoting or gaining popularity which is so wonderful to see.

Try searching the hashtags handmade, small business or shop small on social media to uncover some hidden gems for Christmas gifts this year!

Small businesses you can support this Christmas:

Here are some local Welsh makers that have some truly incredible products. Have you got any more suggestions to shop small in 2020? Comment below!

Beth’s Bakes – Brownies & more delivered to your door
Stiwdio Mwclai – Handmade earrings
CoconuTacha – Stationary
Coco Ricco Patisserie – high end afternoon tea takeaway

Amewow Designs – Resin Jewellery and more
Cole & Co – Handmade soaps, candles and gifts
Anna Palamar Designs – Prints and more

Starting my Own Small Business

I have always been creative and enjoy taking on new craft projects. I love to paint and design, but this year after seeing how popular resin has become on TikTok, I wanted to give it a go. Resin is a material made by mixing two liquid compounds and leaving to cure over a 24 hour period. The mixture transforms into a solid product and can also be used as a sealant for surfaces. Resin is very durable and typically used for tables, floors or worktops, making jewellery, keyrings and more. So taking inspiration from Christmas and resin combined, I’ve opened my very own Christmas decoration shop!

My main focus has been creating Christmas decorations this year, and I’ve fallen in love with mixing and making unique colour combinations to create Christmas tree treasures.

Visit my Etsy shop here

Whether you’re shopping more local or seeking small shops for online purchases, don’t forget to get your orders in early this year. Its easy to predict that the Royal Mail are going to be very busy in 2020, so plan ahead and start shopping small now!

Have you got a small business? Comment below so others can find your online shop!

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