Get Creative in Self-Isolation

Today, I find myself…for lack of better words losing my shit. I’m currently working from home everyday which has been fine, but every now and then I feel frustrated at the lack of normality. During my lunch break I was attempting to sort out my car insurance and it really stressed me out… but with that in mind, now the working day is done, its time to focus on something else. Here are some ideas to keep you creative during this abnormal time:

Stay Productive: Links & Tips

  • Read a coffee table ‘display only’ book
  • Finally put Marie Kondo’s top tips into play – if you don’t know what I’m talking about then where have you BEEN?! You have to check out her ‘tidying up’ series on Netflix.
  • Start a YouTube channel – what is your niche or hobby that you can focus on?
  • Open at Etsy shop – from graphic design to handmade gifts – can you utilise your talents?
  • Learn a language? Try the app from Duolingo I’ve heard great things about it.
  • Start practising calligraphy. You’ll be able to source some free material online, try Pinterest too.
  • Try some DIY craft kits from macrame to punch needling to candle making – Get searching for kits and ideas on Amazon, Hobbycraft, Typo and Etsy. I’ve ordered some great kits from MakeBox+Co, make sure you check them out!
  • Start a blog – WordPress is very easy to use, I would always recommend it. Look out for my next blog post about starting your own blog… coming soon!
  • Colour code your wardrobe.
  • New hobbies! Now is the time to try that ‘thing’ you always wanted to do.. just make sure its from the comfort of your own home.
  • Work on a project that you can develop over time and go back to every few days – I’m currently working on a painting which still has a long way to go.
  • Research some online courses to use your ‘free’ time wisely. Check out places like Udemy and FutureLearn and House21. I just completed my first virtual workshop with House21 on Sunday and loved it, it was very informative, lasted around an hour and was genuinely useful. Their online workshops are incredible value for money too.

These are all things you can work on each day to help enrich your mental and physical health and well-being while trying not to feel so stuck, in isolation. Adding variety to your day can also benefit you so try reading a book one night, then watching a film the next.

Daily routines

While daily exercise is still permitted in the UK, I find that a daily bike ride or walk in the local park on my lunch hour is a great way to get out and about. If working from home, make sure you take regular breaks as you normally would – don’t feel guilty for stepping away from your laptop for 10 minutes. This is something I am guilty of – last week I wasn’t taking breaks and it resulted in quite a few headaches each day!

When going on outings, remember to keep your distance from others (I’ve noticed that a lot of people are not doing this – and to be honest it stresses me out!). Only go out once a day and only with one other person from your household. Please ensure you follow government safety advice to help protect yourself and others.

Plan for the Future

Don’t forget to make plans for the future too, after all, we need something to look forward to when everything returns to normal! Here are some extras to add to your to do list:

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