Simple Steps to Boost Your Daily Happiness

Make the most of your day with these simple steps. Remember, every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.

Working Week

With no real plan or structure to your day sometimes you can feel like you’re wasting time. An average working day will have you busy, quiet then busy, busy, busy, quiet here and there, then back to busy. I find it’s always best to try and make a plan and stick to it to ensure your day runs smoothly.

  • Avoid burning out – working yourself flat out can have serious negative impacts. Only take on what you can manage and inform others if you’re not coping
  • Don’t forget simple things like stopping for tea breaks, keep yourself hydrated with a cool water bottle on your desk and maybe add a little cactus or plant to your desk just for fun

Lazy Weekends

On a day off or a weekend sometimes it’s great to have zero plans, commitments or stresses. Sometimes this isn’t always the case, but when it is take full advantage! I still like to make sure I have at least one plan or goal for the day to ensure I feel I’ve accomplished something.

Endorphins for the win

I find they gym followed by a swim to be best end to my day. Why don’t you…

  • Go for a swim
  • Join the gym
  • Plan a walking route with a friend
  • Climb a mountain
  • Turn exercise into fun: think laser tag, trampolining, ice-skating and adventure parks.
  • Download the couch to 5K app and you’ll be running 5k in a few weeks!
  • Treat yourself

    Showing yourself some love doesn’t have to break the bank. Sure you can go on a spending spree, spend the day at the spa or hours in the salon but what about these?

    • Try a pamper night in with friends. Think face masks, pizza, Netflix and nail polish.
    • Step out to a show. There are so many opportunities on our doorsteps to uncover new and local talent, just get onto Google!
    • Chill out with a good book or film. I find watching films relaxes me! This year I’ve set myself a challenge to watch as many movies as I can – why? Well why not?!
  • It’s ok to have alone time

    If I’m ever feeling down or a bit rubbish, I’ll always make plans and keep busy, but we have to understand that everyone is different. I know those who feel the opposite and when they’re not 100% they prefer to just be left alone, and that’s okay too! (As long as it’s making you happy!)

    Proactive = positive

    Doing something to get you out of a funk is the best thing for it. So try something new, eat your favourite meal, call your friends and be proactive in achieving happiness on the daily!