An Art Experiment: Digital Portraits

Around a month ago I had the idea of changing my blog logo. I’ve been really getting into digital illustration lately with the success and sales of my ‘Custom Timelines’ on Etsy, but for some unknown reason, I just didn’t want to design my own logo.

A bright idea

I took to the idea of trawling Etsy to find an artist to curate one for me. My first thought after favouriting a long list of digital illustrations was ‘but what if the artist I choose doesn’t create a logo that I really love?’. I’m a people pleaser and I hate being negative, so I especially wouldn’t criticize someone’s creative work – but then again I wanted to love the outcome.

This is when I came up with the idea for this blog post. It’s such a simple notion, but everyone sees the world differently so how would different artists interpret the same photo of me? I always think back to those images where you’re asked ‘what can you see?’ Is it a duck or is it a rabbit? What do you see first? Art is subjective, anything creative is.

What next?

Untitled design.png

I thought if I sent the same photo to everyone it would be a great compare and contrast opportunity, but I didn’t really want them to look totally the same. So, I settled on sending 3 photos of myself with slightly different looks and let the artists have free reign using the above as reference images.

It took a few weeks to gather all of the illustrations together but it was really worth the wait. I was so pleased with how different each portrait turned out and how I recognise hints of me here and there.

Here are the finished portraits – which is your favourite?

Hover over the image to discover the artist – links to their Etsy shop’s below. 


The Big Ru-veal

Some of the artists produced the final piece and sent it over once complete, but some sent me progress pics throughout.  To be honest I enjoyed the surprise of both!

It was a really fun experiment to undergo, and I haven’t seen anyone else do something like this or read a blog similar. I purchased the artwork from each Etsy shop myself and chose each artist based on their portfolio.

This blog had me thinking about how everyone sees us differently to how we see ourselves, it brings into perspective that everyone is not seeing you the way that you necessarily see yourself – and this can sometimes be a good thing. Drawing people is the biggest challenge of all for me, so when someone gets a likeness I think it’s such a great achievement. I could probably spend a while trying to produce a self-portrait but I’m pretty sure I’d never be confident enough to share it. I’ve tried sketching in the past and I just get the proportions so, so wrong!

Each artwork I received was so unique, it made creating this blog a really joyful experience and a mini-experiment to undertake. I’m still not sure about my logo change for now, especially with so many options – but I’m sure there’s one coming soon!


Make sure you check out the artists here!










Comment below and let me know which is your favourite portrait!

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  1. Aw wow this is great, I loved how you got different artists styles to compare😁😁
    Thanks for the feature in your post and if you ever need an illustrator again then I’d be happy to help out!


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