The best first day

Today I started my new job. It’s not something I thought I would really blog about too much because it’s something I want to keep fairly guarded until I feel totally confident in what I’m doing on the day to day. I’ve just jumped into bed after a long day, but honestly, hands down, its been the best first day I could have and have ever had in any job.

Following this wonderful day, I wanted to share some of my important tips to remember in a new job. These are things I’ve made sure to put into practice and they’ve really helped make my day a little bit more brilliant.

First impressions count

I won’t go into too much detail about my job, but all I can say is that I feel so grateful to have joined this company which works all over the uk and its staff are all so welcoming and genuinely all rather wonderful. I think it’s important on your first day to introduce yourself to everyone, give a courteous handshake and casually ask them questions to get conversations going. Ask them about their role or even how far they live from work etc. Small talk leads to long talks, interesting talks and lots of laughter.

Dress code

First day nerves are normal and most of us want to do the best we can to fit in, so check with your employer about dress code before you turn up. This was you’ll feel more comfortable around your coworkers if you’re all dressed similarly. Smart casual seems to be the typical work wear dress code. My advice? You can’t go wrong with a skater or tea dress and tights … black jeans are usually totally fine and a blouse and trouser/jean/ skirt combination is right on the mark.In the past when I’ve gone into a new job or friends or family have, I’ve made sure to remind them that the first few weeks will be hard. Most people seem to need reassurance because they struggle, or feel they can’t take in enough information quickly enough. You just have to pace yourself. I know that I’m going to struggle to get to grips with a new computer system for a couple of days, but I’m hoping to be capable by the end of the week that’s for sure. Once you know the basics then you pick up more and more as the days go by.

You know nothing

Just remember that you essentially know nothing so you’re not expected to nail everything on your first day, or even first week. Make lots and lots of notes, how to’s and step by steps and guides to refer back to. I find that most things you just learn by doing, and repetition helps too. But just remember not to put too much pressure on yourself. You were hired for a reason and they want and expect you to do well, but even in a fast paced non-9-5 environment there are still learning curves and baby steps to be made.

Ask away!

Never be scared to ask for help. The bottom line is; I would rather ask someone or a few people the same questions several times a day, rather than get something wrong and make a mistake. You won’t have to keep asking for help forever, soon things will click and you’ll be flying!

The end

At the end of the day, all I can summarise is that I’ve had a great first day and here’s why:

The teams I’ve met from different offices have all gathered in London today, everyone is so chatty, friendly and welcoming it’s made me feel so at ease.

I have respect for everyone already. Each individual seems to be so knowledgable in their field and respected by each member of their team too which has already rubbed off on me.

Hearing people discussing work in the background is genuinely so interesting. Listening to what’s happening with upcoming projects or what someone is currently working on is just amazing. It’s all film, tv and commercial based, so how can it not be ?

Never have I been on a ‘first day of a new job’ that ended with us doing tequila shots. I’ve been reassured that trips to the pub like this are not a regular reoccurrence, but are very fun! I’m genuinely so excited for all the right reasons to start my journey with this very exciting and well established company and I can’t wait to get stuck in, work hard and become another member of this hard working, creative team.

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