Checking in: April edition

The past few months I’ve been catching up with friends, making travel plans, becoming obsessed with Marie Kondo’s method, attending live shows, reigniting my love of lipstick and adopting the Ariana half pony. I’ve been so busy, my time for sitting down with a nice cup of tea in a cute cafe has run away. So my blog seems to have taken a bit of a hit. I decided it would be best to kick off the month of April with a ‘checking in’ blog post.

One of my favourite shows on Netflix is Queer Eye. It’s such a positive makeover show that focuses not only on outward transformations but inward too. Karamo, head of ‘culture’ has a mantra of ‘checking in with yourself’ on a daily basis. Take a moment and reflect on your day or your week and most importantly how are you? I thought I’d recap just a fraction of the things I’ve been crazy about, like a condensed favourite round up.

Screen saviours

I’m completely finished with every single episode of Queer Eye, and I’ve finally finished every episode of Mad Men! It only took me about a year to watch it all, but I loved every second. Film wise, I saw Captain Marvel last month and I adored the film. Personally I wasn’t sure how I was going to take the the introduction of a new Marvel character this late in the game, especially with Avengers: Endgame around the corner (April 25th!!). But I loved this film so much. Brie Larson portrayed a very likeable Carol Danvers and Goose just stole the show for me.

Portrait artist of the year is currently back on our screens and I am loving this current series (shot in 2018). The prize is to paint Sir Tom Jones and this commissioned portrait will be housed in the National Museum of Wales, just 15 minutes from my house. I’m very excited about this and have been loving the series on Sky Arts, so much so that I’m going to London next week to watch the filming for next year’s heats. (They film a year ahead!)

Courtesy of

If you haven’t seen the show before, it’s on the Sky arts channel every Tuesday night at 8pm. If you appreciate art then you’ll love it.

Skills and thrills

Speaking of artists, I’ve been commissioned to created another wedding gift which has been really fun to work on these past few weeks. The request was for a flower wreath in the shape of a heart with wedding rings incorporated too. Below you can see a picture of the painting. The wedding colour scheme was blues, navy, cream and yellow.

Following on from watching portrait artist, I’ve decided to try my hand at portraiture. My first attempt of a self portrait sketch was truly embarrassing… but I’ve tried my hand at painting others and the results are far more satisfying.

Animal adventures

Last week I took a trip to the well loved West-midlands Safari Park. It was a great, sunny day out and I got some pretty amazing picture of the animals too.

A family adventure was on the cards this weekend and sort of in celebration of my looking 26th birthday I suggested we head on a day trip. My parents and I, my Aunty and cousin all spent the day at Folly farm which was wonderful. The last time I visited was probably more than 10 years ago, and I can’t believe the difference in the scale of the place. It’s now called Folly farm and adventure park and I can see why. We were all so wowed by the transformation of the place and the newcomers that now live there. An excellent place to visit just 1.5 hours from Cardiff, in the heart of West Wales and so close to the seaside town of Tenby.

Take a look at some of my other adventures below. I’ve been painting more, attended a number of musicals and a drag show too. I’ve been exploring new places with friends and planning trips away too and most importantly spending time with the best people.

Have wonderful day and keep your eyes peeled for more content coming soon.

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