Why blogs are like busses

I’m a prime example of someone who can write three blog posts in a day or struggle to write one a week at times. I love writing for my blog and it’s nice being able to write about whatever I like, but sometimes I can’t find the time or I just lack a bit of inspiration.

The other week I managed to write and publish two blog posts in one day. I could have scheduled them to go live at different times but seeing as I hadn’t posted new content in a while then I just wanted to get them out there! Then the following day I wrote my November favourites and I thought later on… blog posts are just like busses.

They’re either very sparse or they all come at once like word vomit. (But in a good way)

I was chatting to a friend of mine about inspiration for content recently, and she said she was working on a number of new blog posts at the same time and planning to get them all done that week. I feel like I work the same way and again, it’s nice to know I have the freedom to write about anything.

One thing that I really enjoy about using WordPress to host my blog is that there is an app so I can literally blog anywhere at any time of the day. It’s so accessible, so when a subject or a provoking thought pops into my head, I can’t help but set up a new draft post. Another great thing is that on days like this when I have 101 thoughts that need to be translated into blog posts, I can go back and edit them and schedule them to post for a later date. That way I’m not spamming 5 blog posts in one day!

Today I’m continuing to write this blog post having been off work on a sick day. I’m suffering with a flu type virus at the moment but for some reason, snuggled up in bed and rolling out ideas for blog posts seems to have come very easily to me today.

It just goes to show that blogs really are like busses .


  1. 🙂 In my case, I am more than capable of posting content on my blog on a daily basis.

    However, I have chosen to publish content on my blog on a weekly basis.

    Like you, I schedule my blog posts (And, that method works for me).


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