Handmade doesn’t have to be tacky

Handmade items are cute. They’re thoughtful and memorable and sometimes more appreciated than anything else. I remember making things in school as a kid to take home to our parents for Christmas, Mother’s and Father’s Day and my parents have still kept the little things I made.

How to make your own

This festive season I showed you how to make some air dry clay decorations which are easy, cheap and fun to make. You can make virtually anything with air dry clay and it’s a rewarding process too.

You can read my blog post here, and don’t forget you don’t have to make Christmas decorations. You can make anything you like !

Handmade gifts for everyone

This year me and my school friends ddciddd to do something different. We usually do a secret Santa type of thing but last year it somehow went horrible wrong! So we settled on a very random theme of handmade. This year we promised to make everyone a gift ourselves. I was sorted, because of course I was going to make Christmas decorations for everyone, but I was extremely intrigued to see what everybody else came up with!

As usual our ‘secret Santa’ didn’t go to plan and not everybody made, or remembered their presents but I did receive some lovely handmade gifts from the girls and they really appreciate their personalised, handmade decorations from me.

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