November favourites

So it seems we’ve bypassed the October faves. I kept forgetting to write it because I’ve been so busy with other things, and now I’ve definitely forgotten what I was going to include. So here are my monthly favourites for November!


Ive been so into Harry Potter again this month, I’m going to a Harry Potter quiz with my work colleagues on 3rd December so I’ve been swatting up on my HP knowledge and watching the films every now and then.

Christmas is in the air

As I mentioned in a previous blog I’ve been getting organised early and making some cute Christmas decorations to give some as gifts this year. It’s really got me in the Christmas mood early on and I’m very excited for the festivities to truly start. I can’t wait to put up the tree, decorate and listen to Christmas music when it’s acceptable .. on and the Christmas jumpers get to come out of hiding too!

I’ve almost done all of my Christmas shopping and I’m pretty impressed with how organised I’ve been, how I’ve managed to get most of it done and get some rather nice presents without spending too much too.

I’ve got the annual gala Christmas weekend coming up so I’m so excited to visit Christmas shops and events and exchange early Christmas presents too! I can’t actually believe it’s going to be the first day of December this coming weekend!

Terrible Festive films

Last year on our gals Christmas weekend we started watching really bad, cheesy but easy to watch festive films together. You’ll know the kind of cheesy movie I’m talking about, where the story seems so far fetched, it usually involves a made up European sounding country, maybe a fake royal family or some ‘magical’ Christmas power. They’re great, especially festive films around this time of year.

Landscape artist of the year

I’ve been watching this show for a few years now. As you’ll know I really love painting and this is all about finding the ‘landscape artist of the year’. It’s show on the Sky Arts tv channel and it a competition run over several heats where one winner is selected from each round. The competitors have to travel to and paint a landscape in the open air that is chosen by the judges, and they only have 4 hours to complete their piece. After a number of rounds they hold a semi final where the winners from each heat will compete but painting a new landscape and 3 people will be selected for the final. The winner of the competition will the product a piece of art which has been commissioned. This year the winner will be commissioned to produce a £10,000 piece for the imperial war museum, London based on the landscape of a well known battleground.

It’s a really interesting programme, and they also hold a ‘portrait artist of the year’ competition too where the winner is commissioned to paint a very famous celebrity. Give it a watch!

Hot water bottles

These things are so underrated! I literally put a hot water bottle in my bed every night. I was taking to my friend about this the other day and she seems to do exactly the same. She said that people call her an old lady .. but I just can’t accept that! Who doesn’t want to be toasty warm and snuggled up in bed ! If you don’t own a HWB then I seriously suggest you put one on your Christmas list!

Selling my work

This month I sold my first ever painting. I’ve been painting for fun for years, painted for friends and have been asked to paint for them too, but I’ve never had somebody seriously offer to buy a painting that I’ve done and that was such a lovely feeling, to know that my work was good enough for someone to want to pay me and spend money on something I had taken time to paint. It’s brilliant !

I’ve also sold my first digital artwork on Etsy and two custom Christmas tree decorations this month!

What are your November favourites?

Comment below!

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