Hello Arbonne

You may not have heard of Arbonne before, I hadn’t. But after attending a local launch event for the Christmas collection I became interested in their ethos and their products.

Arbonne is a natural skincare brand born in Switzerland. They don’t pay for marketing, and insist on 100% of their products never being tested on animals. Arbonne focuses on well-being and healthy living, both inside and out using the power of plants.

Pure, safe, beneficial

The brand focuses on plant based, natural, gluten free, vegan certified products. This means that it caters to everyone. They provide a range of anti-ageing products, cater to sensitive and problem skin all provided by products with a luxurious feel and scientifically proven results.

They cover:


Bath & body




…And Men’s skincare

Launch event

On Wednesday 14th December my friend Danielle and her cousin Jen we’re launching the Arbonne Christmas collection and more. At the launch event both ladies took it in turns to discuss why Arbonne and why now. What attracted them to the brand, why they wanted to work with the brand and what they love about it.

Danielle explained that her cousin Jen was involved with Arbonne before her, and wanted to share the brand and how wonderful it was. She explained that she was rather skeptical at first, and to be honest so was I attending the launch event! I knew this was an event my friend was excited about and I was there to support her, but I didn’t actually think I would leave feeling so interested in new products!

We had a chance to browse the products, like any typical open evening or bloggers event, we got to try out products ask questions and place orders.

At the end a raffle was held to say thank you for attending the event. I was one of the lucky winners and I chose to take home some Arbonne facial cleansing cloths! They happen to be eco-friendly and compostable! Infused with mild botanical essences, they really do leave your skin feeling smooth and super clean.

Pamper Parties

Danielle and Jen are offering Arbonne Pamper parties this festive season! Check out their advert below …

They pamper party idea reminds me of something you’d attend as a teen for someone’s birthday party. Although back in the day it would involve lots of glitter hairspray, shiny, sparkly glitter nails and cheesy corny pop music followed by borthday cake. I have the feeling an Arbonne party would be far more luxurious, relaxing and ‘grown up’ for sure!

What I learnt

I really enjoyed the launch event and I was very proud of my friend for taking on a new challenge like this too. Being a girly girl, it’s always exciting to see and experience new products but I think this is a product range I will genuinely be investing in, in the future!

Arbonne don’t pay for marketing, they’d rather spend money by word of mouth and social media

They will never sell products in China because a requirement it that beauty products are tested on animals before being sold there . The brand will never do this and would rather loose out of business from that part of the world.

Arbonne only use ingrediens that are sustainable. One year they took a popular product off the market as one of the ingredients became hard to source.

The company have been running for 38 years

They don’t use palm oil. What is palm oil…? Google the Iceland 2018 Christmas advert!

Congratulations Danielle and Jen on a great launch party !

Visit their websites below:

Danielle’s website

Jen’s website

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