September faves: getting creative

So at the close of each month I write a blog about my favourites, whether that be new products, experiences or things. This month I’m very late in posting my faves. so I’m doing it in my lunch break! Here goes…

The Making of Harry Potter, Warner Brothers Studio Tour

This was the most epic day. For any Harry Potter fan this place is a must. I went with 2 of my besties, Chloe and Rosie who both love HP just as much as I do and we spent hours and hours there. Read my blog post about it here.

Strictly Is Back!

Da da da da da da da, da da da da da!!

I love strictly, I’m a big fan. I love the production, the glitz and glamour, costumes, dance routines and entertainment value of the show. I’ve always watched it and last year I bought my Mum and I tickets to attend the live tour in Birmingham (which was amazing). It’s also a reminder that when Strictly starts you know you’re getting closer and closer to Christmas!

Arts & Crafts

Earlier on in the year my creative flare came out of hiding and a spark was reignited when my friend Lois commissioned a painting from me. We travelled to Swansea one day in the summer (where we went to university) and we found a spot in Gower. It was one of Lois’ favourite spots in the area, and we sat on a bench for a while and I sketched and took photos. I then went back home and drew onto canvas which I then painted for her. (see below)

This ignited my passion for paint again and at the end of September I began getting crafty again. Now we’re in October I think it’s alright to admit that I’ve started making some Christmas decorations (blog coming soon), but it’s something I really enjoy. Any creative outlet is a fun time for me !

I also attended another Bottles & Brushes event on 16th September where we created our own stamps and printed onto canvas shopping bags.


Speaking of creative outlets, I signed up to start a 6 week ceramic class at The Gate starting in September. As I write this blog post the 6 weeks is now up, but I had such a great time making unique objects every week. I attended the class with my friend Danielle who also signed up and we were taught to make a certain object by artist Karen every week. Our projects are currently in the process of being fired so I don’t have many pictures to share but here are some below.

That’s about it for my September faves, I’ve been busy doing all sorts of things but there’s not too much to write about. Next month I’ll be back to doing a faves post with illustrations that for sure!

Have a great day,


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