Where and when do I blog?

Sometimes I can whack a blog or 2, or 3 or 7 out in a short space of time, i.e all in the same day. But that doesn’t happen too often. Ive just finished my second Bottles and Brushes blog post and I feel inspired to write a new post.

For some people writing is an escape, I’ve mentioned before how I used to enjoy English lessons in school and how I tend to just blog about things that I’m interested in. I guess I’m still looking for my ‘niche’ but then I don’t see the point in being too specific. I don’t really know where my blog is going at the moment, the same can be said for my career etc etc, so I’d rather just write about everything for now. Don’t get me wrong, I totally get it if your blog is dedicated to food, sport or travelling, but for me this is just ‘A Blog By Amy’, re life, lifestyle and a whole host of things in between!


As for location, I tend to write anywhere. I mainly use my Ipad and bluetooth keyboard to write posts these days. Sometimes at my dressing table, dining room table, or even in bed or on the sofa chilling out watching tv. Sometimes i’ll start a blog post during my lunch break in work, or I’ll complete it over a few days when I have 5 minutes here and there.

Right now for example, I’m sat at the dining room table, with a large cup of freshly made tea, a pot of orange jelly, my sketchbook and pens and a canvas to potentially start a new project on.


Sometimes an idea for a blog post, no matter how long or short, detailed or not, will come to me at the strangest of times. I make sure I keep a note of an idea by opening up my WordPress app and creating a draft with a header or a few lines to go back to later on.

Sometimes I might also plan to write a post about something. For example I’ve been taking pictures at the art classes i’ve attended recently to share on my blog. This doesn’t mean I’m always going to write a blog post about it but sometimes I do.


This past weekend I visited the Warner Bros making of Harry Potter studio tour (believe me there will be a monster of a blog post coming about that one), and I instantly knew that I wanted to write a blog post about how bloody brilliant it was, before I’d even been. I like writing about events and things I’ve done or seen recently, and this is typically where I get my inspiration from.

Another place I get my blog ideas from is blogging. Sometimes I think it can be helpful to share hints and tips about things you have discovered or the way you do things. It means you might inspire somebody else, and even if only 1 person reads your post the day it goes live, it’s still out there for loads more people to find one day!

Where and when do you blog? Comment below!

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