Monthly Faves Catch Up

Like YouTuber’s produce ‘monthly favourites’ videos, I was writing about my monthly favourites too a while back. Seeing as I’ve missed a big gap in my blogging in recent months I decided to illustrate my faves to condense it all into one (cute) blog post.

I didn’t actually sit down and think back to what my favourite drink was in May or scroll through my Calendar to see what I did, but in May I sat outside in the blistering sunshine and decided to do some sketching in the sun. I carried this on to June and thought why not do some more and turn it into a blog post?

Now it’s the end of august it’s time to post my monthly favourites, so here’s a catch up from May.


  1. Art; painting, drawing, visiting galleries.
  2. Birthdays
  3. Reliving and reloving the Harry Potter Franchise
  4. the summer sun
  5. Getting into Suits (on Netflix)
  6. Visiting Glasgow with the girls
  7. The Royal Wedding
  8. Fruity ciders
  9. The summer holiday is around the corner


  1. Catching a NATURAL tan
  2. Roadtrips
  3. Holiday shopping
  4. New stuff on Netflix
  5. Seeing Ed Sheeran & AnneMarie in Cardiff
  6. Holiday!!!!!! (In Cape Verde)


Stay tuned for my August faves…

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