Blog, don’t stop

I’m guilty of being someone who loves blogging and doesn’t make time to do it, for some unknown reason the spark fizzles out and the inspiration goes. I suppose you could apply the same theory to many things, painting, food fads and dating.

Let’s not bother with the dating side of things … food wise I’m really into healthy eating right now and in terms of the arty side of me, I’m currently in that ‘looking for inspiration’ state of mind. Every now and then I’ll get bursts of excitement, explosions of creative wonderfullness that metaphorically glue my bottom to the dining room chair, cover the table in paint and pens, paper and and just paint paint paint. Right now I’m facing a temporary lull, and I’m hoping the inspiration will kick in soon. The same can be said for blogging.

I was talking to a friend of mine about my lack of writing on the blog, and she explained she was in the same boat as me. Sometimes you’re just unsure what you want to write about. To some people it comes naturally and I’d agree. I don’t find it a struggle at all. I was always very good at English in school, I always got A’s and B’s and creative writing was my favourite.

I’ll never actually forget the day that my year 11 English teacher Mr Rees read my descriptive writing piece and thought it was so bloody brilliant that I needed to read it out to the class as an ‘example’. I would never get picked in school for this type of thing and I was very quiet and thought the teachers didn’t notice me, so that was kind of a big deal. Thanks Mr Rees.

Basically what I’m trying to say here is that I really enjoy writing, so I guess I don’t really know why I took a break from it, and why writers block can kick in.

Last winter I stopped blogging and became obsessed with the gym over everything. I had recently had my heart broken and just wanted to social media, have fun and do good things with good people. I kept busy, but for some reason blogging didn’t score high on my radar and I let my blog tail off in October. I left my blog with a ‘is it too early for Christmas’ and didn’t even contemplate writing an real Christmas blogs later on in the year! I sat down with the laptop, playing on my phone, opened the WordPress app, downloaded and deleted the app, again and again, many times, but for some reason I just couldn’t ever finish a whole blog post. My concentration would cease or I would hit a brick wall and never be able to round up my final thoughts. I kept thinking that I really wanted to, but also needed to continue blogging.

I’ve always thought that a blog can be a great way of selling yourself on your CV. If prospective employers want to take a look at the kind of person you really are and get to know a bit more about you before (or after) an interview then a blog is a great place to discover more about a person.

I’ve had a surge in inspo and more or less just had a desire to get the blog by me up and running again properly in recent weeks. I’m working on a new logo and design and I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate a few new things here.

It’s a calming experience to sit at a desk and write like you’re a more millennial, more brunette, care free Carrie Bradshaw (without the tv show, money or the man. Or name, because Carrie Bradshaw clearly that isn’t SJP’s real name – it’s SJP, duh. She’s an actress, duh.) But it’s equally as brilliant to lie in bed, already in your pjs at 6:30 on a Thursday evening, and type an entire blog post on the WordPress app on your phone. And that’s exactly what I’m doing right now.

Hopefully this will inspire you to write a blog post this week. Over and out .. happy Thursday !


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