Bingeworthy Watches – Netflix Edition

I go through phases of being into films or TV series, and at the moment I’m taking full advantage of my Netflix membership. So I’m going to share with you what I’ve been loving recently.

Queer Eye

Years ago when the original ‘Queer eye for the straight guy’ hit tv screens back in 2003 I used to enjoy this show with my Mum. We loved a good makeover show – home revamps and outfit makeovers etc etc, so I’ve always had a soft spot for this type of thing. 

When I think of the new Queer Eye reboot it actually makes me happy because it’s such an uplifting show. The Fab 5 are made up of 5 openly gay men who each have their own category that they take over during the transformation process: Tan is in charge of fashion and Antoni does cuisine, Jonathan is grooming, Bobby heads up interiors and Karamo is all about the culture. They meet a nominated person (man or woman) and try and rebuild their confidence and basically help them live their best life over a period of a few days! 


You really do become very invested in each show because it’s not just about making someone look pretty or giving them a hair cut and redecorating their living room, it delves deeper, gets personal and makes a difference to somebody’s life. Oh and it’s a definite tearjerker. If you’re looking for entertainment, an easy watch, some sass or an excuse to cry happy tears at the TV for somebody you don’t know then please give Queer Eye a go. 


If you’ve read my previous blog post then you’ll know I’m a total royalist, and yes i’m one of those who started watching Suits because Meghan Markle was in it. I have to admit, despite that obvious fact I was hooked from the first episode 1.

The characters are lovable even when they’re not very like able and the writers inject a clever humor reminiscent of that seen in Marvel films. I tend to find that a lot of ‘high-powered dramas’ seem to revolve a lot around the personal lives, specifically love lives of characters but in Suits this is different. Obvious or not, Suits is set in a high powered, big name law firm in and around New York (although interestingly filmed in Toronto). The legal drama follows the working lives and relationships of many main characters but primarily how Mike Ross goes from college dropout to #1 associate in a big law firm in no time at all, all because he ran away from a drug deal.  Definitely a show I’d recommend to anyone!


image taken from

The show is currently in its 8 series which airs on Netflix every Thursday.

Give it a watch and I’m sure you’ll be LITT UP*

(*Suits reference, obvs)

Good Girls

I was introduced to this show by a colleague who described a hilarious, exciting show about 3 regular, normal ‘Moms’ that robbed a grocery store. I was intrigued so I gave it a go.

Good Girls is a crime-comedy drama about 3 normal suburban women Beth, Annie and Ruby who are in need of money and decide to rob a supermarket one night. The story progresses from there, they come away with much much more money than expected, tie a man up and hold him hostage in a tree house, get blackmailed by a fellow school Mom and become targeted by a criminal gang. The show highlights modern-day suppression of women feeling powerless and being denied their own ambition. But it drives female empowerment, friendships and some hell yeah lol moments too. The characters are lovable and It’s the kind of thing that you’ll want to binge watch in a day, for sure.


image from

Good Girls is like a Desperate Housewives kind of vibe with less money and more ‘normal’ emphasis on women. I’ve recommended Good Girls to so many people who have all watched and loved it.  I really hope it comes back for a second season!

Sugar Rush

I started watching Sugar rush on a day off from work, I was exhausted and just ready for a Netflix and chill out and possibly fall asleep on the sofa kind of day. The format of the show is split into 3 rounds with 4 teams competing against each other to create the best …whatever to go through to the next round. Each round is timed and the winner at the end of each show will win $10,000. It sounds pretty simple but it’s really entertaining. If you’re into baking shows or are fond of The Bake Off then give this one a go.

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The Crown

I love The Crown. It’s genius, historically factual (although.. we must expect that some moments have been embellished or expanded for entertainment) and very entertaining. I’m re-watching this for the second time now,  and I don’t know why I was so late to the party to begin with. 

If you are interested in the royal family or British history then The Crown is a good pick for you. There are infinite spoilers because it’s obviously based on the life of Queen Elizabeth II and her family but the actors are superb. From hair to wardrobe, accents and mannerisms, the cast have got it down to a t.


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We already know that there will only be 6 seasons of The Crown, the first two saw the relatively unknown Claire Foy playing The Queen and Matt Smith of Doctor Who fame taking on the role of Prince Philip. In seasons 3 (and I suspect 4 as well) Olivia Coleman will be portraying the Queen and that’s something I can’t wait to see. As much as I adore her as an actor I really think that Claire Foy is a very hard act to follow! 

The first season was released in November 2016 and the second December 2017 so i’m really hoping we’ll get season 3 by the end of the year. There’s not much more to say other than I love it, and I hope you will too, you’ll definitely learn a lot about the monarchy by watching this. 

Have you got any bingeworthy shows you’d like to share?

Comment below!

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