My hero hand cream

I’m about to tell you about the BEST hand cream on the high street. Get ready to uncover the silky smooth secret for your hands… from The Body Shop.

I never used to invest time or money in hand creams because I assumed they were for older ladies or those with very dry skin.They’re a great high street hand cream, reasonably priced, and fantastic at their job. They get a gold star, 10/10 and 10 high 5’s from me.

Recently in the past year or so I’ve been trying out a few hand cremes here and there because I can’t stand having uncomfortable dry hands, especially in winter. I found one that I love and it’s by The Body Shop.

They do several scent options that are highly fragranced in a strong but not sickly way. The product is just one formula, suitable for everyone (or most skin types, I assume?) I’m not sure how everybody’s skin type would react to these, but from my experience they work well. I have normal to dry skin on my hands, and I’m not allergic to any fragrances, or suffer from any skin conditions such as eczema. If you do, I’d recommend you only try a small amount in store.

I love the strawberry and satsuma scents the most. The texture is light and smooth and the product sinks into your hand within seconds, thankfully not leaving a sticky residue. I’d liken this product to the higher end L’Occitane hand cremes, but it’s a much more purse friendly option.

A great thing about The Body Shop is that you can try before you buy with their in-store testers. I’d suggest you pop in next time you’re near a store and sample some for yourself.

They retail for £5 each on the website, but you can get 3 for 2 deals in the actual shop. The body shop is also available in Mcarthur Glen outlets in Cardiff and Swindon so you can get discounted products with about 30-40% off there which is very satisfying. You can also now buy large tubes which are £10 and so worth it. I’m not sure how long these have been available but they’d make a great stocking filler if you’re about to start your Christmas shopping soon. I know I’d be very happy to receive one from everyone I know this Christmas!

I know I’ll be buying a handful of these over the festive period, I know it’s a few months away yet, but Home Alone was on TV this week.. there’s less than 100 days to go and it’s getting pretty chilly! It feels like Autumn/Winter is starting to set in and I want to be prepared. I’m keen already, can you tell?


You can find their hand cream products here 

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