SFC- Street food Cardiff weekends

This Saturday I met my best friend Chloe in Cardiff. She had traveled over from Swindon to spend the day together and do what we do best; chat, eat, drink and shop.

I’ve been wanting to visit the Street Feast in Sophia Gardens since it opened a few weeks ago, and this Saturday I finally managed to get there.

This week is the finale weekend of the food event, so if you want to try it out for yourself then you better hurry down this weekend. Entry to the event is free before 12 pm, and you pay just £2 entry fee after this time. The venue opens at 11 am and is closes at 11 pm. Beware, it is not undercover, but there is a big top circus tent to keep you dry!

When we arrived it wasn’t the sunniest of days as you can see from the pic below, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the quaint hipster like boho setting. It may have been 12 midday, but we felt we deserved a pint of cider, a sit down and a catch up. So that’s just what we did.

A not so sunny start..

Promoted as a pop up street food arena, an area of Sophia Gardens (where the open air Everyman theater is every summer) has been transformed into a quaint ,and cool patch of grass, adorned with a mass of fairy lights, cool tuk tuk carriages, sweet, small seating areas and a plethora of great street food. I imagine the area really thrives after dark or on sunny day, I’m hoping i’ll get to experience this too before it vacates.


We carried on chatting and enjoying our Cornish blush cider under the big top, talking over the live music provided by two Australian guys. They said they had been travelling for 3 years, and busking everyday, the Street Feast was their last gig before heading back to Oz the following day. We sat and sang along to the mellow tunes, then decided to wander and finally decide what to indulge in. We actually did two laps of the arena and made out choices… but we were happy with out choice.

Chloe opted for BBQ Brisket fries from The Grub Shed and I had a chicken souvlaki which is pitta full of salad, Greek sauce and tasty chicken pieces from the Meet and Greek Stall.

From beef, chicken and fish, to ice cream and or doughnuts. Almost every day, the Street Feast participants have been different, here is who attended when we visited.

It’s so intriguing walking around and seeing the cool shaks, vans and set ups that the street food vendors have brought to the event. The vibe of the venue lends itself to something pretty cool and boho  The choice is vast too, whether you just want to enjoy a beverage or two, a small bite to eat, main meal or just a dessert. There are a good amount of stalls to cater to almost everyonewith varying food, cooking fresh meals in front of your eyes ready to place in your hands for non extortionate fees. I’d say the food is reasonably priced for the event and you’re likely to be spending between £4 and £8, I think we both paid £8 for our selections.

We also picked up a brownie each from the Ridiculously Rich by Alana stall… sorry diet it had to be done!

RR by A Untitled
image taken from RidiculouslyRichByAlana on instagram

We spent the rest of the day wandering around town, chatting for hours like we do best, trying on ugly coats and laughing hilariously at them, and having specialty cups of tea at the Waterloo tea rooms in Wyndham Arcade. We were savoring our rich brownies and going back to them every now and then. We had a really great day.

Street Feast Cardiff the kind of place you can visit with your family, friends, boyfriend  or girlfriend or even on a first date like my friend did last week! It would be ideal to head straight there after work this Friday, so why not?! (When we went is was pretty muddy, so i’d advise no heels ladies!). I’d highly recommend everyone check out Street Feast Cardiff before it closes on Sunday 25th September!


All opinions are my own… I wasn’t asked to write this blog post for anybody else… I just really enjoyed the SFC and wanted to share it! 

Street Feast Cardiff details can be found here:

Facebook: @StreetFoodCDF

Twitter: @streetfoodCDF

website: street-food-cardiff.com 



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