Kiehl’s blogger event

Last night I attended a blogger event held at the Kiehl’s store in Cardiff.

Located in St Davids 2, the store boasted an impressive interior filled with luxury goodies, skin care saviors and oozing with style. Kiehl’s is a high-end skincare brand, founded in they stylish suburb of New York in 1851. Their ethos is pretty natural, they donate proceeds and give back to communities, their packaging is cool with a ‘we try to look like we don’t try too hard’ vibe, but their luxury products are saviors for those who love the brand.

I was interested to attend yesterday’s event because I’d never used any Kiehl’s products… shocker I know! But I definitely left the event wanting more. Luckily for us, the store provided every event goer with a good bag to take home, filled with tempting treatments for the skin which I’ll definitely be trying. Yay for me…

I attended the event with my good friend and fellow blogger Danielle, (The Welsh Italian Diaries) and we were greeted with a cocktail of our choice and joined the other bloggers to hear an opening talk from the Kiehl’s staff , inspect some samples and hear about their favourite products in the store.

It was my turn to have a skin consultation with one of the expert skin care staff, and my results were: a dry cheek but oily forehead. This I thought I knew, but I learnt so much more. I discussed with the staff how so many people assume that if they have an oily, dry or combination skin then they should typically use products just formulated for that skin type, so they head towards the ‘for oily skin’ cleansing product and that’s what they stick to. Not always the case, but lots of us do it.

I use a naturally active, well known skin care brand which I would describe as being sold at middle of the road prices. They aren’t any overly perfumed products and they do the job. But I’ve been searching for something more that is going to give greater skin benefits. This is why I turned to Kiehl’s, to experience something new.

Above: my recommend day time and night-time routines.

Kiehl’s don’t just commit to one skin type, one job to do or provide for one customer. They cater for all skin types, their products don’t have harsh chemical fragrances, their target customer is everyone, and their packaging is gender neutral. They also have a shaving care range for men.

We stayed in the store for around two hours and were the last to leave, we were chatting with the Kiehl’s staff not only about their products but other aspects of skin care too and the importance of repairing and preventing skin disasters. Danielle and I both really enjoyed the event and have committed to definitely heading back to purchasing some recommended product.

When you enter the store you should be aware that if you choose to make a purchase it will be a considered one. If you’re not looking to spend a lot of money on one or more products, then I would highly recommend approaching a member of staff and consulting with them, and even asking for a sample pot to test the product on your own skin. There’s nothing worse than parting with a lot of money for a full-sized product that for some reason doesn’t work for you.

One thing I really enjoyed about the event this week was that the staff weren’t trying to really push a specific product on us to force us to buy. We walked away having had a lovely evening, prosecco in hand, and learnt more about our skin types and the correct products to be using and why. We didn’t feel pushed to purchase, and we appreciated that.

A Kiehl’s favourite:l recommended to us, the midnight recovery botanical cleansing oil.

I found out about the event on a Blogging group on Facebook, but Kiehl’s Cardiff have their own social media accounts where they promote events that are free or some charge an entry fee, either for charity or to experience a live class with a makeup artist.

After the event Danielle and I decided to get another drink and a bit to eat around the corner at Wahaca, which is highly recommend! Wahaca is a Mexican style restaurant co-founded by Masterchef 2005 winner Thomasina Miers.

You can find out more about Kiehl’s Cardiff events on their Instagram page: KiehlsCardiff

and on Twitter: @KiehlsCardiff

You’ll hear about their latest, exclusive events featuring hero products, makeup artists and lots of sweet treats.


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