A realistic university survival kit

As September has quickly approached us faster than we thought and we’ve commented year after year how we don’t know where the last 12 months have gone, yet again, a new school year has started.

A family friend of ours is heading to uni this year and relocating to my home town, what better way to say good luck and off you go that a realistic, kind of cool survival kit. She’s studying medicine so I thought it would be cute and quirky to get this cool personalized keepsake tin from NotOnTheHighstreet.


Real gifts

Word to the wise: Back in the day (4 years ago) when I first started my Uni studies, everyone bought us cook books. University cook books are a good idea, sure – but realistically first year students are just eating the following: a lot of pasta, bread, fajitas, pizza or if they go on a health kick; chicken, rice and spinach.

Heading to University is a very exciting time, especially if you’re moving away. Everybody knows that the studying and passing each year is the most important thing, but its also exciting time to have fun and grow up on your way.

Here’s what made the cut in my kit

Plastic cups or shot glasses: Get beer pong ready with some classic red cups and some ping pong balls. No, of course we don’t encourage binge drinking but have some fun with your new housemates. Plus you won’t want to wash glasses night after night.

Playing Cards: a ring of fire essential (again.. another ‘drinking game’, sorry parents..)

Paracetamol, Pro Plus, Plasters – essentials that most students find they really do need especially in freshers week.

Pens x 1000000000000 – you will lose your pens. you will NEED 10,0000. You will.

Pot Noodles/Supernoodles – in my time at uni I somehow discovered these for the first time. They’re a great hangover food actually, (even though not really nutritious) but you’re sure to have at least one flat mate who actually lives off these for a while (out of choice).

Chocolate – yay. Everyone loves chocolate

Hand sanitiser – keep it clean

A small, sensible amount of pre-mixed alcohol in a can (x2)


What else will you need that I didn’t provide?

A music speaker

an umbrella, a coat (be practical)

a large notepad or a few different note pads for different modules

a bag that is definitely big enough for the above notepads

a file or safe place to keep all the paper handouts that lecturers give you

a laptop – personally I don’t think you can reply on Uni computers to write essays and get your work done. It’s an important must to have access to your own whenever you need it. It’s also an important to have something to watch Netflix on (obviously)

A memory stick- save your notes, save everything, always.

 Things to remember about starting uni:

Your pots and pans may get broken or ‘lost’

Don’t take your bank card on nights out – you will overspend or loose it. I promise

Your cutlery will go walkabout.

Everyone will bring those Ikea cheese graters

You may get homesick, but it will pass – it’s totally normal.

Embrace freshers week and themed nights out, head to primark to get your ‘School Disco’ ties, grab yourself face paints and glitter and go all out with your new housemates.

You’re guaranteed to have a flat mate who owns a giant Sports Direct mug, it happens. Ask anyone who has ever stayed in uni halls.

Some halls have cleaners once a week or fortnight, some don’t. So be prepared to do your bit and help clean up communal areas. Make a start by just trying to clean up your own mess from day 1.

If you’re living at home and not in student halls, join clubs and societies! Do new things and do them on your own. This may be a key aspect in making friends, learning new skills or embracing the ones you have.

This will be the best time of your life, enjoy it.




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