GBBO: what did we really think?

Spill the beans you lot! What did you really think of the Channel 4 take over of The Great British Bake off? 


I’m not a die hard GBBO fan, but i’m definitely a fan, and I won’t miss an episode I promise. I wouldn’t ever apply to be on the show but I know people who have (and my Dad happens to be going to Louise’s wedding from last year’s Bake off .. on Thursday.)

I will admit i was sceptical if the Channel 4 version would take off, I was one of those people; ‘It will never be the same, It will never be as good without Mary, Mel & Sue’.

Episode 1

For now, after the first episode has aired, I think i’ll sit on the fence for a while, almost everything seems the same as the opening credits roll in, same music = good, same baking tent = good, same layout =good, new? bright green mixers = ugly!! and then there’s the hosts. I’m really not sure about the ‘replacements’ at the moment, give it time and i’ll probably have made my mind up by biscuit week (that’s next week by the way). Mary Berry was trending on twitter last night, and I chuckled as i read the slating of the new show paired with hilarious Mary memes. I wouldn’t boycott the show because I’m definitely a fan, but for now judging on the first episode, i’ll side with the ‘its not as good as the BBC version’ camp.

giphy (1).gif

The voiceovers seem forced in a soft tone, a little awkward and just odd, sorry Noel! I think he tried to steal the show, and a I read an article this morning claiming that he did, but for me it was just a constant Mel & Sue comparison with this new partnership. Even the way they said ‘BAKE!’ was mimicking the GBBO legends who coined the hilarious exclamation. For me, the presenters just didn’t stand much of a chance from the beginning, I’m just not sure how the comparison of the newbies Vs the originals will stand up long term.

Everyone Else

Already as programme was closing and the last few minutes of adverts rolled over the TV I started scrolling through twitter to find exactly what i was expecting, already complete articles that fans were complaining there were too many ad breaks. Of course there were. I totally agree, although it they’re going to be playing a Jay from Tattoo Fixers/Ebay/Baking/Dog advert every week i’ll stay tuned, let’s hope that series continues!

giphy (2).gif

The Final result

Firstly, I think the wrong person left, Peter was better than some of the other contestants.

Secondly, the standard seems to be rather high this year, so it will make for good viewing and i think i can spot a front runner or two. The plus was the show format was the same (along with 99.9% of everything else) but I couldn’t help feeling frosty towards Paul. I was always Team Mary… I like that they’ve kept everything the same though, because too much change would certainly alienate so many people.

I’ll definitely keep watching, and I don’t want to put it down because who doesn’t love cake?! … maybe this will be the best bake off every, but silly Bake off why did you move from your home, you were perfect the way you were.

I think the majority of fans will find it hard to stay away, firstly because of curiosity, secondly because it’s impossible not to love a bit of the Bake Off! As you can tell, i’m totally conflicted here and I’m sure you are too, let’s see what episode 2 brings.

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  1. I totally agree with you! I was going to boycott the show, but my GBBO curiosity got the better of me. I think the new presenters were trying too hard to be the new Mel and Sue and there was just no comparison. They should make the show their own and do it their way rather than copying. But I’ll probably still watch next week’s episode too…

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