A cafe, some cake and cats

Last weekend the first Cat Cafe in Cardiff opened. Exciting times.

If you love cats, have a cat, wish you had a cat or even if you just want to try something a little different then i’d suggest you head on down to the new Feline Good Cat Cafe.


How does it work?

When you walk through the door, you’re greeted by another glass door with a doorbell, ring it and you’ll be greeted by the very friendly staff who will welcome you into the cat kingdom!

The cafe is done well. There is enough bright and open space for the cats to roam as much as they like and a private area where the cats can wander off out of the way to relieve themselves and have a snack of their own while you enjoy cake and tea or more treats of your choice.

My Visit

I took my first trip to Feline Good yesterday, 12th July at 11am with my friend Lois. You have to book in advance via their website, and each booking is 60 minutes,  so that people and keep coming and going and have a decent amount of time to interact with the cats. I’m guessing this is also so that people don’t ‘hog’ certain kitties, and give the cats down time too. ( Even though we all know that if a cat wants to ignore you it definitely will!)

We both really enjoyed our first visit to the cafe and both had a coffee and cake too which were lovely (and the best latte my friend had ever had apparently!). We had chance to sit and chat and watch the cats run around and play and take lots of pics to document our visit. Everyone else who came and went seemed to have a great time too.

The menu looks like that of a regular but quirky coffee shop, ganache cups are on the menu which sound cool and I’m guessing we’ll try on our next visit. They also have a variety of vegan options available, so the menu is suitable for everyone!

I tried the carrot cake which was very tasty and my friend lois had a chocolate cookie.

One thing to bear in mind is that you have to pay an entry fee of £5 per person when booking, but you won’t be billed this amount unless you don’t turn up and neglect your booking. If you do keep your reservation at the cafe then your ‘entry fee’ will be added when you pay your bill.

About them

At the moment Feline Good are home to 6 rescue cats who are all very friendly, lively and keen to interact with visitors. There are a few rules of course, do not pick up the cats and don’t disturb them if they are sleeping, grooming or eating, you can take lots of pics but don’t use flash and you can’t bring your own cat to visit the cafe!

They work in partnership with Mittens Cat Rescue and provide a loving, caring home until these feline friends are ready to be adopted and taken in by new loving homes.  This is what your cafe entry fee is put towards: the health and welfare of the cats.

If you like cats or maybe you’re a little obsessed, then Feline Good is definitely the place to be. The staff are all very friendly and chatty, and sometimes I feel that this can make or break an experience! I overheard that they’ll be adding some new members to the kitty collection soon, so i’ll definitely need to visit again! The fact that they’re giving homeless animals a place to live and it’s all in the name of charity is a big thumbs up from me !

Here is their website, make sure you take a look and book your visit soon! 


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