The mid-year check in

Have you completed many of your new year’s resolutions yet? I was driving to work this morning, listening to Capital South Wales on the radio, and the morning hosts were regressing back to their new year’s resolutions. We’re half way through the year… tha’s  24 weeks into 2017 and I’ve even made a start on achieving my yearly goals.

Back in January, I wrote a blog on the New Year, New Me Cliche and how I wanted to set a few small goals to work towards and hopefully achieve over the coming 12 months. I try to be an optomist in most situations, but also a bit of a realist which is key when it comes to completing your goals.

What were my goals for 2017?

Get more creative and get back into painting! Make use of all of my pencils, paintbrushes, canvases and paints that I have: I started painting back in March and forgot how much I really enjoyed painting, and actually I’m pretty good at it. Is one of your long-lost hobbies calling you back? Give it a go again I say!


Stay focused and continue with my fitness routine, getting better, stronger: This I have definitely worked on. I was very in the zone at the beginning of the year and threw myself into tough, sweat filled training programmes. Things took a dip in mid March and I lost a lot of motivation for a lot of things, but this picked back up and I’ve been ‘in the zone’. So far in June, I’ve lost half a stone, whilst toning up too, and I can see a difference in the way certain parts of my body look (which is more important to me)… the gym ache is totally worth it, I promise.

Visit new countries: This hasn’t happened yet… but I am visiting a new place this year, and that’s my summer holiday in Lanzarote.


Get closer to the goal of owning my own home: This is one goal that was my top priority to get a move on with but circumstances change, so hopefully by the end of the year I’ll be feeling more optimistic about hitting this goal.

Go to more concerts: I love live music and so far I’ve been to about 5 this year and so far I’ve got 2 more pencilled in. (Plus I’m going to see Adele at Wembley in 2 days!)pexels-photo-112631


Stay happy: Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but life is short. It infuriates me when people say, oh you’re in a bad situation but just be happy – that’s not realistic! But trying to see the positive in every situation might get you through the day and improve your overall mood! So far so good, and June is proving to be a pretty happy month!

I’m not reaching for the stars here, but don’t we all have things we wish we would do more of, or could make time for?

How to complete your resolutions:

  1. Start a plan, create a schedule, write a list?
  2. Ask a friend to help you or hold your hand along the way
  3. Think about the process or small milestones you could hit before accomplishing the big end goal



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