Producing the right content for your blog

Tips for staying up to date and ahead of the times with your blog:
If you want to create exciting content for your blog then you should be one step ahead and think about what’s coming up in your calendar. This ensures you’ll be spreading your blog posts around like fairy dust, within enough time for them to be relevant.

Forget planning 24/7

You don’t always need to be organised when it comes to blogging because we all experience writers block every now and then. Some people love to plan, and tell you that you have to but don’t listen to them. Do your own thing, the best ideas are usually spontaneous ones anyway. If a great idea comes to me, I’ll open up the WordPress app on my phone, write a few words and save the draft to go back to later on. I know some people like to write out their words on paper before transferring it to screen, but to me this is pointless. My words flow better when tapping away at that keyboard.

Think about the near now

This week I wrote a blog post about festival beauty, ready for Glastonbury! The trick is to get your blog post out there a few days/a week or two before a big event happens. If there were another royal wedding coming up this summer you could write a blog post about some fab wedding hairstyles to wear to a royal wedding (even if you’re not attending one). It’s all about the thought that goes into your blog, producing great content and how you get your final product (your blog post).  It’s not about the planning of it. Let’s be honest, how many of us rigidly stick to a plan? Think about big events coming up in you calendar, what’s going on in your local area, or something that’s a big deal in the country right now? Bash out a blog post a week or so before the event takes place and hey presto – you’ve written a cool blog that people might actually read!

What do you really want to talk about?

Some bloggers focus on one specific topic for example food or sports? Some bloggers like me have a broad spectrum to cover and just write about what they simply like. Hence, the name Life, lifestyle and the in between. I write about hair and make-up, lifestyle, aspects of work that I’ve done or things I feel strongly about, and sometimes it’s just my ‘thought of the day’.

Remember too, if you start writing a fashion blog but want to take a different turn, and write about food – that’s fine! You can always switch up your WordPress graphics and page design etc, just write about something you can waffle on about – without waffling.

Get to your point already!

Blog posts can be long, sure that’s perfectly acceptable but don’t waffle on and on. One theory about writing a blog keeps me on the fence all the time. Many people like to spawn creative pieces by linking one topic with something completely random by explaining how similar they actually are, bringing in lots of metaphors and other random potentially useless information. Sometimes this works, but not always. I can do it, It’s creative and sometimes out of the box but it’s not necessarily my style, and I don’t always take time to read blogs like that. I don’t always think it’s wise to make vague comparisons or go off on a tangent, you really don’t want to loose your reader.

It’s up to you how long or short you want to keep your blog posts, just bear in mind other people will probably read them, and probably want to finish them!

What happens if you don’t know where to start?

I wrote a blog a few months back for beginners, here take a little look it may help you get going on your first blog post?!

Let me know how you get on,


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