How to handle festival beauty

The festival setting is known for being a little muddy, a little smelly but a whole lotta fun. One way to cope with the hot, sticky, potentially drunken but always messy festival weekend is to make your self feel a little glam, but you need to plan in advance in case the glitter stall runs out of glitter! I missed out on Glastonbury tickets this year, but if i were going, then these are the beauty saviours i’d be packing in my bag today.

Remember to pack light, only take essentials and don’t take something super expensive that you’ll miss if it goes walkies.


Most guys and gals treat Glasto as the ultimate hipster hooray, so pack your fancy wellies, your bum bags and pots of glitter, because as muddy and sweaty as it gets, everyone still puts on a style show.  My essentials: a kimono, a hat, good wellies,  bumbag and Rayban’s.


Glitter is a big deal in 2017, bigger than flower crowns cira 2008. The trend is to dab it around the corner of your eyes, but it’s great for disguising tired eyes ‘bad’ skin, and you’ll be fitting in with the rest of the crowd.


You want to be taking a few items but not too many incase you lose, pack your bright eye shadows, or your bold lip (Try Lady Danger or Flat out Fabulous from MAC for a bright red), your stick on jewels, temporary metallic tatts.. or more glitter.


Get into the summer/festival/ fun season with pastel hair. I’d always recommend pastel hair extensions as a quick fix, or maybe go for an ombre set to switch up your look over the weekend? If you know you’re going to be a sweat fest – or you’re one for just throwing your hair into a pony, pack your invisibobbles and chuck some glitter on your parting or pick up some hair chalk from your local beauty go-to shop: Aim to stay protected from the sun by packing a hat too, like a cool fedora.

(and dont forget that can of dry shampoo!)

Cleaning up

Pack those baby wipes and hand sanitizer.  I try not to use cloth wipes to remove my makeup because cleansing the skin is so much more beneficial, but take some with you for convenience.


Don’t forget to protect your hair and skin in this week’s heat wave. Glastonbury is full of open space and you’ll definitely be exposed to the sun. Protect yourself from damage by packing that sun tan lotion and hair protection spray too. Aveda do a brilliant sun protection spray which treats and protects the hair from dryness in the sun. Don’t forget your sunnies either, because you’ll be kicking yourself if you forget those new Raybans !

Can you think of anything else? Comment below!

Happy Festival season!




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