My favourite Kylie Lip kit alternative

When the youngest Jenner sister launched her Kylie Cosmetics line last year I was on it like hot potatoes. I’ve always been so into my make-up, and after watching Pixiwoo on YouTube for a few years, I felt like I’d perfected most looks and feel like a pretty accomplished make-up lady now.

On the big launch day, I wasn’t lucky enough to get my hands on any lip kits, but I kept checking Twitter to keep updated with the restock dates, and finally got my hands on a few colours. I’ve tried a few shades but Koko K lip kit was my fave, and more recently I decided to treat myself to Kim’s glossy line, KYLIE X KKW.
If i’m being totally honest, they’re not my favourite, because the formula is a pigmented gloss but I just don’t feel it has the staying power. Maybe it’s just me? But i still love the nude colour palette.

Many make-up addicts like me will know that purchasing from Kylie Cosmetics can actually become quite costly, especially if you’re living outside of the US as you have to pay for shipping costs and sometimes £15 customs fee too, if your parcel is unlucky enough to be given the once over. So, here’s what you really want to know: is there a better alternative?

Personally, I really like that the Kylie Lip kits come with a lip liner and the liquid lipstick gloss, but I rarely use them together, so if I had a choice, i’d favour the liquid rather than the pencil. I really do love the formula and shade selection of the lip kits, but they’re so drying on the lips … and don’t even bother going out for dinner with one of these on, because your lips are going to get crackly and flaky. They look great on first application, but you just can’t re-apply.

So .. I’ve actually found the perfect alternative which …

  1. isn’t as drying
  2. is far far cheaper
  3. has a great colour range

And the contender is: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick

bourjois velvet
image from all beauty

They’re very creamy just like the first life of a Kylie liquid lipstick, and after they dry they stay looking great. The great thing about this product is that you can also reapply layer after layer and you won’t really run the risk of getting flaky lips. But the best thing of all? They’re under £10 and you can buy them in most high street stores like Boots and Superdrug and even the supermarket!


I just had a little google, and Feel Unique are selling some great summer shades for just £6 right now, go and give them a try, I dare you!



Amy x

*i’ve not been sponsored for this blog post, just really wanted to share this with you!

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