Picking up the paintbrush of positivity

I was always a keen artist throughout school, and when i chose to study Media Studies at University, i left my paintbrushes and pens behind me. It felt foreign for a while not painting anything, but the lack of space in our Student digs and my lack of spare time to dedicate towards big painting projects was quickly overtaken by new things.

Today, after several years, I decided to pick up the paintbrush again.

I’ve recently been watching a programme called Portrait artist of the year, and that’s what really inspired me to start painting again. I’m no portrait artists that’s for sure, but i have skill and as far as I remember I’m actually a strong painter. I decided to dig out the stash of canvases and sketchbooks and massive box of paints and just go with the flow.

I’ve been wanting to write a new blog post for a few days now, but I’ve been lacking inspiration and the words haven’t wanted to flow – and that’s fine. I feel as though I’d  rather write something good rather than just for the sake of a new blog post anyway.

So back to the painting: After watching the Portrait artist of the year every week for a while now, I became so inspired and excited to start painting again – but very apprehensive. When you haven’t done something for a while it can make you nervous. All of those feelings come flooding back, what if it looks awful, what if i ruin it? What if i can’t do it anymore? But we have to let those fears go. Because what we see others may not, and vice versa. Anything creative is good for you, and just remember opinions are subjective. If you want to have a go and paining.. give it a go!

It’s normal to experience fear of failure or slight anxiety over things. Whether it’s starting a new job, meeting new people or in my case today, picking up the paintbrush. Investing a little time into something that may free your troubles, distract you or get your creative mind flowing is gauranteed to perk you up a little! I like to have a go at painting anything, but today i decided to go for a little bit of positivity with some whimsical tones thrown in there. I didn’t want to challenge myself too much on my first painting session, because i can be a bit of a perfectionist and very critical of my own work, but this one from today i like.

Throughout GCSE and A Level studying I took double art (so i had 2 GCSEs and 2 A Levels for art… obviously along with my other subjects too). It was intense to say the least, but it developed my skill and technique and I worked so hard at it. I always felt such a huge sense of achievement creating something that you plan and develop over time and pour yourself into. The truth is, even with all the practice in the world – not everybody can paint and not everybody can draw. So, in all honesty, I’m very proud of the fact that I can paint and I’m definitely going to continue to embrace it. I used to love anything arty so much, I always have … but this hiatus for the past 5 or 6 years is over with. During my art studies we would create sketchbooks based on certain topics or exams that we had at the time, and that’s what i decided to start today… my own little ‘project sketchbook.’

… check in with my blog to discover my next painting venture!


So if you need a good ol’ motivational quote to get you through the rest of your week: put your positive pants on and you’ll be just fine!

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