Today’s thoughts

A friend of mine is currently going through a bit of a crappy time, and it’s not cool. However said bestie imparted some rather wise real talk on me today. So, I felt inspired to share these thoughts on going full yolo.

They said:

I’m feeling ultimately YOLO at the moment…Life is too short. We need to live our lives damn it, I’m fed up of being stuck. I want to be ME…I’m giving up on giving my time to people who don’t blooming deserve it.

okay so the word blooming wasn’t used it began with an ‘f’ but that’s not too necessary.

Words have never been more appropriate. #preach!

It’s all too easy to let somebody else’s attitude determine yours, it’s easy to take their opinions to heart and it’s almost impossible to never let life get you down. Someone else’s opinion of you does not define you. Opinions are subjective and if you think they’re wrong, maybe they are. Why should you let it define your mood, day, week or entire self?

This week has been a tough one for me if I’m honest, and I’m not really a ‘sharer’. I try and keep things to myself depending on what it is, and only really discuss pressing mind-bleeps with those who I hold very close to me.  I’ve had a few teary-eyed moments this week, and now writing this blog post I’m sat here thinking, why? It’s not cool. So why should I let that impact my entire week? Life it soo short. Start living it.

Unfortunately, there are some situations that do hit you in the face and present you with a dead end, no way out, make a U-turn if possible, your life sucks situation… but it’s vital to try and counteract it.

I’m a pretty firm believer of the necessity of short-term happiness now and then. Sometimes it could come back and bite you in the behind, but you should know that’s a risk your taking. If you need something, then it’s probably going to be good for you (in most cases anyway). If I feel like I need a little pick me up, then maybe just maybe I will pop along to River Island and buy myself a ‘To Me, From Me’ present, but I try to be realistic. I’m saving for a house. Do I need to spend £4 on a Starbs because I fancy one? Probably not… so that’s something I try not to treat myself to,  unless I really need it. So if that’s the case bring on a hazelnut hot chocolate with allllll the marshmallows! #yolo

I read a really cool article yesterday on Popsugar about marking off how your day went on a pixel graph. This went viral, and I think I’m going to start doing it myself, to promote happy days. I won’t be sharing it with anyone, but it might be something useful to add into a daily routine. Read all about it here.

My final thought of the day:

Speak your mind yes, but not at the detriment of someone else’s feelings, everyone is facing some sort of uphill struggle, some small and some incomprehensible to others. Decipher your words and tone carefully and be mindful of others, why approach someone with aggression? You don’t know what’s happening in their week – So just don’t okay.

So following this, just try to stop worrying about what other people think, if it makes you happy, if it’s something you really want to do. You should probably do it.

Live your life for you, help others when it’s right and lift yourself up.

If the news has taught us anything lately it’s that we all need to support one another – and if there are people in your life bringing in that not so welcome negativity: BUH-BYEEEEE! *insert hair flip here.


Having a bad day? Make yourself a cuppa, cut yourself a large slice of chocolate cake and read my top tips to De-stressing a bad day or, this take a look at this similar blog post by me too:  Little words of wisdom


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