My current Fitness routine

For the past two weeks, I’ve been really focused on hitting then gym hard and really pushing myself. I really do feel there’s nothing greater than heading over to the gym and working up a sweat. It tires you out, makes you feel good, and you always leave feeling accomplished.

My Current fitness routine consists of 15 minutes of running (…or more depending how I feel that day) followed by a session with weights and a fitness ball and then finishing with a session on the exercise bike.

I currently have two weights plans. Plan 1 is to be done 3-4 times a week, and plan 2 is a less taxing weight plan, to be done twice a week.(Plan info at bottom of the blog). Considering I mentioned how I’ve really been trying to push myself, I’ve started doing my sessions incorporating the running, plan 1 then plan 2, then the bike session. I’ve even been adding in extra weight movements too such as:

Windmill with 6kg dumbbell

Dumbell Press 6/7 kg

Split squat with a 10kg fitness bar

These are some movements taken from my previous weights plans that I enjoyed and saw results from, so decided to incorporate them. I’m really starting to notice my strength and muscles growing at the moment, as well as subtle definitions on my body and that just motivates me even further to do well.


Plan 1:6 x 4 reps Clean and press 20kg barbell

6 x 4 reps: Clean and press 20kg barbell

6 x 4 reps: Clean and press 20kg barbell

4 x 10 reps: Twist and lift 20kg barbell

3 x 10 reps: deadlifts 35kg

10 x 2 reps: leg curls with fitness ball

10 x 2 reps: lying down squats on floor with fitness ball

10 x 2 reps: twists on fitness ball

10 x 3: cable push 30

10x 3: cable row 30


Plan 2:

10x 3: bicep curl – machines

10 x 3: tricep extension – machines

10 x 3: shoulder press – machine

10 x 3: bicep curl – cable machine

10 x 3: tricep extension – cable machine

shoulder press – dumbells

bicep curl- dumbells

tricep extension – dumbells

Last night I went to the gym after two days off, due to letting my tattoo heal and avoid any friction or irritation to the tattoo. The gym was crawling with students as usual, and every machine was full. I managed to jump onto an exercise bike at the beginning of my session, and pushed myself so hard, I felt very very sick. I took a 5 minute break downstairs and resumed my routine. I ended up merging plan 1 and plan two together but didn’t complete every move, so I assume I’ll be feeling ready to hit the gym again tonight!

What’s your current fitness routine? Comment below!

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