Get some good into your morning

Developing a great morning routine is probably a pretty vital tool for daily functioning. To maintain a healthy and balanced life, you should eat well, exercise, get enough sleep, stimulate your brain and do what makes you happy. But how many of us actually stick to these should’s?

I have a friend Steph, who I admire for her strict bedtimes! Okay, so she’s not strict to the point where she’s in bed by 7pm every night, but she always makes sure she gets around 9 or 10 hours sleep otherwise she feels as though she can’t function. I however, have struggled with random sleeping patterns for the past few years, and if I’m honest 9 hours sleep sounds incredibly impossible to me!

This morning I felt very drained, struggled to get out of bed and ended up running to the shower, rushing to dry my hair and skipping the most important meal of the day.One of my main problems is that I sometimes struggle to sleep, which (only sometimes) makes it harder for me to wake up, but I have to be up and out of the door no later than 7.55am, (I usually leave at 7:45am)  because of problems like horrendous traffic and parking outside work. I work in an area where there is very limited parking and if you don’t get a space then you’ll have to pay for multi-storey car parking (no thank youuuuuu!).

So in order to get that good morning, you need to prepared beforehand, and when I’m in the zone, feeling fresh and organised, I like to do the following every night, and in turn I do feel all of the above:

Prep that food

I wouldn’t find the time to make anything for lunch in the morning, plus it’s cheaper than buying anything in town, so now I always prepare my food the night before. I’ve also found that laying out utensils for breakfast can really make a difference too. Sometimes I like to have egg on toast for breakfast

Decide on your ensemble

I’m guilty of not doing this 9 times out of 10, and I don’t think it’s a necessity but it definitely helps speed things up in the morning if you decide what to wear the night before.

Caffeine it up

Having a cup of coffee in the morning really wakes me up. I had a Tassimo coffee maker for Christmas, and I try to make one up in a travel mug every morning to drink on the journey to work.

Write a list

If you already know you’re going to be in a rush tomorrow morning, maybe you can write a list or type it into your phone, what do you have to do and by when? Maybe set yourself a reminder?

Squeaky clean

Are you someone who showers at night or showers in the morning? I’ve tried doing both every now and then, but morning showering really does wake you up! Just try not to stand there for ages enjoying the warm water because you’re so sleepy…

Happy faces

Completing the above, will make you less stressed and frantic.With the exception of a excessive traffic, problems parking or anything else that may affect your journey… getting organised may just make a different to your mood and your entire day, so it’s vital we all try and start it off on the right foot!




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