What I’m loving right now

I thought I’d get started on a January favourites blog post tonight, so here goes… here are my beauty, health, edible and activity favourites!

I had several lovely gifts over Christmas from loved ones, and some of those wonderful presents have made it into my January Favourites. I’m a definite make-up junkie and beauty product hoarder and used to go shopping with my friend Grace once a month specifically make-up shopping… Luckily for the bank account, spending has been reeled in a little over the past year or so (saving up for that all important, possibly not attainable first home), so the growth of my already large make-up collection has come to a bit a halt. That being said, I still like to treat myself and try new products now and then, and here are some old and new favourites I’ve been loving throughout the month of January.


The Urban Decay ‘Naked Ultimate Basics Palette’ £39.50 from Debenhamsurbandecay_ultimatebasics009

image from Temptilla 

I adore this palette! It’s made up of matte, neutral shades ranging from nude to brown to grey tone and I  think it’s perfect for everyone. I wear eyeshadow everyday, and I have an everyday look which I achieved using a MAC palette that I put together myself. But  I wanted to try something new, and this palette has the ideal shades of the ideal colours for me! I use a MAC paint pot in the colour Painterly for a base and primer, and then use the Nude shade over the top. Then I take Instinct, with a tapered brush and buff it into the crease of the eye socket, and intensify it a little on the outer edge with Extra Bitter. Finish it off with some black eyeliner and mascara and that’s my day to day go to look!

Liz Earle Cleansing system:

Cleanse and Polish £15.50 John Lewis

Instant Boost Skin Tonic £15.50 John Lewis

Skin repair light moisturiser £20.25, John Lewis

I’ve been using Liz earle skincare range for years, because my mum has too. I love the products because they’re all natural and smell great, plus they really work. I had a Liz Earle gift set for Christmas from my Aunty Sue, and I was so grateful because it came with all of the above (full-size products) plus 2 muslin cloths (which you use with the Cleanse and Polish) plus an exfoliator and a facemask.

The Body Shop Hand Cream

I’m obsessed. They really work to make your hands softer, smell great and dry almost instantly which is a bonus … that is all!

Impractical Jokers


After going to see them live at The 02 at the beginning of the month, I came home to discover Jokers January on one of the Comedy Central channels. So I basically enjoyed going home from work most days and watching The Jokers on tv. They literally never fail to make me laugh and always cheer me up on a bad day!

Sex and The City


Taken from Pinterest, Season 2 , episode 1

I bought the box set back in Uni after only having seen a few random episodes and the two movies, but I love the show so much. It’s one I was watching a few episodes late last night in bed, (season 2, episode 1 to be specific and I just sat there thinking, I am

I bought the box set back in Uni after only having seen a few random episodes and the two movies, but I love the show so much. It’s one I was watching a few episodes late last night in bed, (season 2, episode 1 to be specific and I just sat there thinking, I am sooooo like Charlotte in this episode… then 5 minutes later I actually thought oh no, I’m a Carrie. It’s so relatable but at the same time, one fo those shows you feel like you can take so much from, including wise words and entertainment value. A must watch for any girl in their 20’s.

My Mini

I recently bought a new car about 3 months ago, but throughout January I’ve really appreciated my lovely pale minty blue-green mini and how reliable, comfortable and cool it is.


PG Tips Green Tea: a healthier substitute for regular cups of tea in work

Peach Melba tea granules by Whittard: a nice fruit tea but also not a fruit tea?

Mini Eggs: It may be January but I’m super happy these Easter treats are back. I’m obsessed

Plums: my fave fruit right now

Chicken stir fry: I’ve been having it literally a few times a week for months

Yoghurt covered bananas: just yum

Perisecco: a fruity take on Prosecco (yes it’s alcoholic.. yum)

Lifting Weights


I’m loving my new ‘plan’ at the gym and I’m loving working with a lot of weights at the moment. I don’t know what it is- maybe it’s the fact that weights are always dominated by men and there are hardly any women at my gym who touch the weights, barbells and scary looking stuff… I always feel really good about myself after I leave the gym feeling a little bit shakey and achey!


What have you been loving so far this year? Comment below!




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