“I want to create a blog, but I don’t know where to start”

Some people like writing and some people hate it. Some people just like writing for themselves, dishing out new pieces week after week. Maybe you believe like me, that nobody will read your words, but others publicise their blog here there and everywhere across social media for the world to see.

So, you want to start a blog but you’re thinking – what, where, when and how?

It’s really not that hard, so I’ve put together this little guide which will hopefully encourage those of you on the fence.. oh and by the way if you’re thinking when should you start? Just go for it and see how you get on!

I’ve read a few blog posts lately about how to write a blog the right way. But in my opinion, there is no set right way. Of course, there are a few vital things you need to consider when writing and putting it out to the world, but I see writing or blogging as a creative expression like art, and remember: art is subjective.

The Necessities

Never forget about reading through your work. It’s amazing how many mistakes you can miss by thinking you don’t need to check it. Spelling, grammar and punctuation are key! It’s so easy to hit the spell check button and have the computer wizz over your masterpiece so don’t forget to do it – simples! Or, why not send your work to a friend and get their take on it? there’s a great toolbar add-on, like a button for Pinterest, but it’s a called Grammarly. You can download it for free here and it will automatically pick up your errors on the net!

What To Write

Before starting a blog post, think about your content. What are you writing about and why? Explain this in your blog, stick to the point you’re writing about and don’t spread your wings far trying to draw in lots of ideas or examples, your reader may get a little lost.

Things to consider:

  • What are you writing about? Consider your topic and scribble ideas down so you know where to start and finish your blog (sometimes you stray from this but it can help)
  • Are you writing a factual piece? If so do some research before hand
  • Pick a topic that interests you. There’s no point in starting to write something because you think people will want to read it – but you don’t! If you’re not interested in something are you really going to be able to express the right words?
  • Titles: Developing a catchy, punchy blog title can seriously entice readers. Some people are great at this and others aren’t ( or maybe they’re not very confident in their ability). Just don’t title it blog 1 or blog post… If you cant get creative don’t worry, just give it a go!

How long should a blog take to write?

Let it take as long as it needs. Depending on the intended length of your blog, it may take you 20 minutes, or 3-5 hours if you keep going back to it. Let the process feel like a natural flurry of words travelling from your mind through to your fingers. If you get lost in the process then you’re doing it right – just don’t ‘waffle on’.

How long should a blog post be?

Personally, I think it depends on the writer and the subject at hand. Are you someone who can write pages upon pages of content or are you someone who is concise and get’s straight to the point. Obviously,  you shouldn’t make your blog post too lond – but what is too long? I tend to write a few paragraphs, maybe 5 or 6, and let my blog post come to a natural end.

The end is near

In school, they teach you to always write a beginning, middle and end of your story. The same applied to a blog. Start with an introduction, and depending on your style of writing (formal or casual) that’s when you can give a little insight into what your blog will be about. Then go on to talk about your subject, and finally conclude your thoughts. I always write a short paragraph concluding just that!

Including Images

I always think it’s a good idea to include images in your work. It breaks up the page, makes for more interesting content and mostly just looks better.

Sometimes it’s not always possible to source the kind of image that you want, so if you’re using images in a blog post that aren’t yours, make sure you credit the source. This is called citing images. You can Google how to do it, but in basic speak; insert a picture and underneath credit the owner like this: Image by [Author’s Name with a hyperlink to the image owner’s website].

Create your own

There are a number of really great websites that provide copyright free images that aren’t stock images (ones that you have to pay for!) and you can use great tools like Canva to create your own masterpiece, this is what I do. Here are some sites i like to use:

My Style

I’ve spoken before about my co-worker told me she likes to think she writes like Carrie Bradshaw (of Sex and the City). I took her influence on board when I started writing this blog. I imagine that I’m talking out loud, or that my there’s a voiceover carrying my words and I’m tapping away at the keys, striking up a conversational tone with the reader. Words flow, and it’s easy to keep typing and typing and zone out of the world around me.

Getting Down To Business

I like to take a casual approach when writing my blog. I write about things I like, experiences and my opinions, so I like to write in a style that is similar to the way I talk. Now if we’re getting down to business and we’re talking about blogging for business I think it’s safe to say there must be a few more rules to apply. Depending on the tone of your business, how casual you are and what your relationship is with your clients or customers,  will decipher the tone in which you approach your writing. For example, If I’m writing a blog post for work then the tone of my work will be more formal that this – but I like to think that right now I’m just imparting some handy hints and tips so being casual is perfectly fine.

I hope you draw some sort of inspiration from this post, after discovering how easy it is to start writing a blog. There are so many different websites you can use to write a blog like WordPress or Blogger, just choose the right one for you. I still havent 100% got the hang of it, but hey ho it’s going alright so far.

Have a wonderful week,




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