Little words of wisdom

I’m a keen fan of deep and meaningful chats, they form a greater bond between you and the person you’re connecting with.

We all have acquaintances, friends, best friends and sometimes best best friends, but we can distinguish those best from the plain friend to the acquaintance by how well we know, trust and talk to each other. Tonight I was working extremely hard at the gym after a tough day and spend over 2 hours sweating it out. It was busy as usual in the weights room, and I was listening in on my trainer have a rather ‘deep’ politically charged conversation with another gym goer. After my session, I had a little chat with my trainer and told him how I listened in and really took on board what he was discussing and how I felt like it was a great pep talk, even though it wasn’t directed at me. And then he hit me with this:

He said, if people don’t take the time to get to know you as a person, if they don’t take the time to discover where you stand on certain things and what your opinions are on subjects, and if they don’t act as though they are trying to get to know you then their opinion is irrelevant. Their attitude towards you, especially if it’s negative is not relevant to you. And you shouldn’t allow someone else to impact your day when they’re not relevant in your life, and this applied to someone you see every day or someone you’ve met once.

There’s no other point to this blog post, other than don’t let a bad moment ruin your entire day. Don’t let someone else’s frustration, bad mood or lack of connection of understanding of you enforce any sort of negative mood into your day.It’s sometimes easier than done, but look at the bigger picture and ask yourself is this person relevant to me?

Here’s a smiling pug to brighten your day



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