De-stress a bad day

Following on from my previous blog; Honesty is the best policy, i decided to share some ways you can prepare for a better day or improve the bad day you’re having.Here are my 6 trust ways to debug the day.

Step away from the screen

Put down your phone, step away from the laptop and the Ipad down too and focus on real life. Just before Christmas, there were multiple news articles relating to how social media was making us sad and giving people serious envy over those who flaunt their luck and good fortune. Who cares? Do your own thing, you don’t need to glued to your phone 24/7 – we all deserve a break, plus it will do your fingers and thumbs some good.

Be prepared

If you’re doing the typical Monday-Friday in work and each day you’re running out the door slightly late, or you just can’t seem to get out of bed and drag yourself into work – plan ahead.

  1. Lay out the items you’ll need for breakfast on the kitchen counter before you go to sleep, so you wake up and it’s there
  2. Decide on what you’ll be wearing so you don’t try on 5 different outfits and create a mess of clothes on your bed in the morning
  3. Prepare lunch to take to work with you – this saves money too which is ideal if you’re one who strolls into town to buy lunch each day
  4. Forgotten to do something for work? If you access work from home, have an email or assignment to send you’re probably better off doing it the night before rather than in the morning- you may even forget to do it!


When things are weighing heavy on your heart, remind yourself of why you’re doing it.

We work to live, we don’t live to work

Just remind yourself that if you’re in a job you dislike – it probably won’t be that way forever. Remind yourself why you chose to take on that job and then remind yourself of the benefits that you have.

Stress can become overpowering, so don’t give into it. Tell a friend your troubles and they’ll lend an ear and hopefully share a solution, take your mind off of it, and help your situation.

Fuel and refuel

  • try new foods – eat out- snack away- get a take away…whatever!
  • drink lot’s of water – it’s good for you
  • head to the gym -you’ll feel great afterwards
  • take a long bubble bath or shower
  • do something that you enjoy

Subtract procrastination

If you’re putting something off because you don’t want to do it – then don’t. Avoiding a situation almost always makes it worse, don’t ignore the problem, subtract procrastination from your day.

Take time to yourself

Have some ‘me time’. There’s no need to fill your diary up all of the time, you don’t have to head out into town on Friday night and you don’t have to feel guilt tripped into doing something you don’t really want to do either. If you feel like you need a break to sit at home in your new Victoria Secret pj’s, order a Dominoes pizza and crack open a bottle of wine while watching Bridget Jones – just do it.

Have you forgotten how important these things are?

  • go on holiday
  • hand out with friends
  • get a good night sleep
  • book time off work

Enjoy your day! I hope you find a way to de-stress

Amy  x


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