Honesty is the best policy

We all have our ups and downs, good days and bad but one thing is certain: whatever the issue of the moment seems to be just approach it with honesty.

Any form of conflict can be a tricky situation to deal with, and the simple reality is it’s just pretty much always just plain awkward. I’ve dealt with situations whenever I’ve been in the wrong, maybe said something I shouldn’t have or overreacted in the moment – but I’ve also been in the position where I’ve done nothing at all and been made to feel like I’m paying the price.

When your blood is boiling and you’re in never ending cycle of ups and downs just try to imagine the opposite and immerse yourself into positivity. How you do that is up to you.

Rising above a situation is a form of ignoring conflict but be honest with yourself here. Which is the best option to pursue? During times of trouble, trust can be broken and respect can be all to quickly diminished, making it challenging to regain that faith in somebody again. Being honest with one another is always deemed the best policy, but sometimes it’s not always possible for one reason or another. Maybe you don’t want to step out of line or breach your relationship, or maybe you are just more respectful of a person’s feelings than they are of yours.

I’m no expert when it comes to conflict resolution, but when you’re made to feel 1inch tall, it’s very challenging to take the high road. Be honest with yourself about the situation and determine how your actions can change the situation. 

Will it work in your favour by ignoring the issue and hoping it goes away? Will it help by rising above the issue and being nicey-nicey and visibly brush over the problem. Or, should you approach this other person for a frank and honest discussion? 

When approached with this situation, the best thing to do in my opinion is take advice from others, and what do those ‘others’ say exactly? – take the high road! (Mostly) 
I really find it to be a great source of inspiration to simply inspiration and perspective from others.

Getting through your worst day

I read a blog post this morning by YouTuber Tanya Burr titled: My 10 tips to get through a bad day, she touched on some simple points which I think are so easy to implement.

She starts with going outside for a run. I’ve mentioned how I am a big advocate of the gym and how it supports not only physical but mental vitality too, and I honestly look forward to running every other day, earphones in, workout playlist blaring and zoning out into my own determined world.

She covers simple suggestions, but reading through her blog, I did think to myself – YES she’s SO on the right track to positivity. So take a look at her blog and see if you can draw inspiration too (I’ll post the link to Tanya’s blog post below).

So… the conclusion…

I guess there isn’t always one? It comes down to judgement. 

If I’m being totally honest here, I dont know how to get through a tricky situation without a little help from my friends, some useful hints and tips,  a pep talk, an inspirational song, movie or quote – or simply just ignoring the issue. It’s an awkward time but let’s just hope things get better from here on in!

Tanya’s Blog post: click here

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