Thought of the day 

Is it just me or do those of you out there feel a little more confident when you think nobody you know will read your blog? There’s something bout sitting behind a keyboard, hidden away from any personal judgement that makes me feel a little bit more… free.

I’m a creative being, I’ve been talking about planning a tattoo for probably 6 years now and I’ve never had one done, I’ve been on an (almost) constant diet for about a year but not moved as far and fast as I’d like and tried my hand at professional ballroom dancing, ice-skating and attempted guitar playing.

Now, even though I’ve tried and sometimes failed or given up that’s not to say I’m a quitter, I do give up with some things – yes. I tried diets and failed, tried to take the moral high ground and failed and once I even auditioned for The X Factor and didn’t get very far (but I didn’t technically fail!). I’m not a quitter no – I just like to try different things and creative outlets are the best – I’m a big advocate of creativity.

This week I’ve been a bit emotional, a little bit annoyed and a whole lotta stressed with a capital S. That why I decided to star writing, and boy oh BOY that’s what I’ve done. I’ve started new blog ideas, writing many, many drafts and the creativity has just kept flowing. I’ve been enjoying it – and as far as I’m concerned – nobody is actually ready it, so it makes it a little easier to write without feeling judged.  It’s simply a public diary that’s not too personal. At every opportunity, I’ve been rushing to the keyboard, spilling my words out in a speedy fashion that I probably wouldn’t publicise on my personal Facebook page.. but that’s okay because it feels good and like I said I doubt anyone I know will read this anyway.

I used to have a blog on a different platform, and that… I did give up. I was writing about things that I took an interest in like movies and make-up (hence the name of the blog … but also not hence the name of this blog). However, I used to find probably half way through a blog, or near the very end, I would just run out of things to say. I think it’s always worth writing about something you’re interest in, or take something you like and spin it into what you’re supposed to be talking about. I may or may not post those old blogs in the archives of this one – I’m not sure yet. I just want to see which direction It organically ventures towards.


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