Grads, give it a little time

I’ve been in your shoes, searching for that ideal job ready for when you graduate and need to become a grown up. whilst at the same time, you just want to enjoy your summer, do some exploring and hope a well paid, fun, and flashy job comes your way, but it’s just not that easy.

Whether you’re job hunting fresh out of Uni, you’re in between jobs, or simply fed up of the ‘just for now’ job you’re in, you need to remember one thing on your voyage of dream employment; searching for a job is a job in itself.

Dedicate a lot of time to searching for that ideal role.

Firstly, think about the following:

  • What sector do you want to work in?
  • Are you willing to travel or move for a job?
  • Don’t limit yourself!

The desirable

I think one mistake that many people make when searching for a particular job is that they may not apply for a role because they don’t fit every point of the ‘desired’ criteria listed in the ad. When I applied for my current job, the employer wanted 2 years experience in using specific online programmes, knowledge of certain design processes and property knowledge. All of which I’m pretty sure I had none of!  Don’t let the ‘desirable’ section put you off! If I’m being honest, in my experience and of those that I know currently applying for jobs; half of the time many people don’t get an interview anyway! If you like the sound of a job role, you think you’d excel in that role and you’re interested in it – I say go for it!

Moving on

Are you prepared to move for a job? This is something really important because if not, then you need to factor in travel costs or even how subjecting yourself to a smaller location is limiting you. Personally, I wanted to apply for jobs within the South Wales- Bristol-Bath areas because my plan was to stay living at home with my parents to save up a good deposit to buy my own place post-Uni. If things were different and I’d found a great job in Bristol, I would have considered the move – maybe down the line, but luckily for me, the current Cardiff to Newport commute doesn’t take too long (well, sometimes). I have plenty of friends who have relocated hundreds of miles for a great job, and some that just like to focus on jobs in once city because of travel expenses. The choice is entirely yours- just think about the most logical option for you right now.

Push the boundaries

Covering the points I’ve just raised above, don’t limit yourself!

Apply for jobs that you want. 

  • Make sure you do write that tailored cover letter, even if it does take you an hour. When you see a job ad online, apply that day! (Companies have the right to close job openings early if they have enough applicants).
  • Take time to edit your CV every now and then. When you complete a new course or gain something great – whack it on the CV! It’s all about selling yourself (in a truthful, honest way don’t forget! Ask people to read it for you and give you tips.
  • If you’re offered an interview, definitely attend – practice makes perfect!

My Story

My story is a little different to some, and I got really lucky landing a post-uni job the week before I graduated. Unfortunately, it wasn’t my dream, ideal, degree related, absolutely fantastic, big bucks paying, fun and enviable job, but it was a job! I  was working in a Doctor’s Surgery admin office completing basic tasks and I was trusted with more and more responsibility, given more high priority jobs and after a 3-month probation was offered full-time employment and gained a promotion and pay rise (woohoo!!) a few months later. I was alright with it to begin with because let’s be honest, once you finish the whole University experience, mostly what you care about is finding a job and getting some sort of income, but I did begin to enjoy my job and love the people I worked with and for.

17 months into my admin role I was trusted with issuing prescriptions, and dealing with high priority stuff… but I’d grown tired of the lack of engagement I had with my day to day activities, and I was a little stressed and bored. I’d been secretly applying for jobs throughout the year every now and then at random intervals, but hadn’t gained an interview in almost a year.  I decided the New Year would be the perfect time for change, and I applied for a social media job on New Year’s day.

Long story short- I got that job,  and on February 15th 2017 I would have been here for a whole year (which has seriously flown by).

If you’re not successful in your efforts and maybe haven’t had an interview for a while – don’t fret. don’t turn anything down unless it for a really plausible reason and literally just go for it. I understand it can get you down when you’re desperately searching for something you really really want to do – and maybe you don’t even know what that is yet, but please don’t give up – I’ve got my fingers crossed for you all 🙂


Keep at it – keep applying, keep searching (daily!!) and you’ll find an almost perfect fit for you. It may not be the dream job you’re aiming for, it may not be the salary you want to be taking home, but don’t stay in a job that makes you unhappy. A friend reminded me today that we spend the majority of our time in work and not at home -so we need to be happy where we are.

Go get it and good luck!

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt


  1. What a great post! Yeah I’m kind of dreading the job searching aspect of my life but I’m just taking it easy now and trying to gain as much knowledge and have as much fun as I can while I still have the time. Congratulations on your job and have an amazing 2017


    1. Thanks for you comment ! It can really be a scary time but I truly believe being persistent is key and just keep looking! It’s not all about the dream job right now, it may appear in a year, 2 … or 10 but just keep at it, good luck 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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