The New Year, new me cliché

As each old year crosses into the new, this is time when we start chit chatting about new years  resolutions. #NewYearNewMe starts appearing over Facebook and Twitter, and we start vowing that we’ll all lose about 20 stone by this time net year.

This year i’m not making resolutions (mainly because each year i say i wont make them because i wont keep them.. so i literally never make any anyway) but I’ve decided to set personal goals and milestones that i’d like to reach by my own near year. So what do i mean by that?

Technically , if you think about it we may have just entered a new year (it’s 2017 for those of you who keep forgetting), but my birthday isn’t until April. So if you look at it that way, then i’m thinking that can be my ‘New Year’ milestone. Now, that’s not to say that I’m going to go cray cray and binge on junk food (potentially 85,000 Five Guys cheese burgers and many many seashell chocolates) but i do have a few goals i’d like to achieve in the new few months before my birthday in April. Using my Birthday as a temporary goal post is a realistic timescale, leaving small room for failure, but then a load of room for improvement afterwards in the following months after.

I’m not going to into too much detail because they’re personal to me, and although so people like to publicise their ‘journey’ i’d rather keep it to myself (probably just in case i fail!).

What would i like to achieve?

  • Get more creative and get back into painting! Make use of all of my pencils, paintbrushes, canvases and paints that i have
  • Stay focused and continue with my fitness routine, getting better, stronger, faster and closer to my personal goal
  • Try something new – anything
  • Visit new countries
  • Get closer to the goal of owning my own home
  • Go to more concerts
  • Stay happy

I’m not reaching for the stars here, but don’t we all have things we wish we would do more of or could make time for? Anyway, we shall see ….

Happy 2017 everyone



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