Starting a fresh

Every now and then I get a little inspired to write something, then I rewrite that something or simply just get inspired to do something with words – but I don’t know what. As part of my current job I use words every day, managing social media accounts and writing snippets here and there. Flash forward into that snippet of time where our social media posts appear then they disappear probably not to be seen again, and my words are gone.

I never really understood very well the whole writer’s block ‘thing’. I thought how could you run out of ideas when there is always so much to say and usually too little time (or word count) to do that in. It really does happen though – I know that. Thinking back to Uni days when I’d sit there with a sprawl of books over my bed, a laptop on my lap, books and pens by my side and ready and waiting for something to pop in

to my mind, I really did begin to understand the struggle.

I’ve gone back and forth attempting to start up a blog, but I love creative outlets and i believe that they’re a great way to obviously express yourself, but also to simply let go. I’m a big advocate that the gym is great for literally everybody. It can do so much for you mentally and physically, it can change your outlook on your day, yourself and so much more too. That’s another reason why I think pouring yourself into something new is a great way to get creative.

A lovely girl that i work with called Vicky once imparted great wisdom on me for inspiration when it comes to writing blogs at work. She said she likes to imagine that she’s Carrie Bradshaw speaking to her readers, and it’s so easy to get conversational. I took this on board, and I really do think it helps to inject your own personality into something (depending on what and who you are writing for).

I’m not making any resolutions or promises for the New Year, but I’m certain that writer’s block will be no more.

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